We assist entrepreneurs who wish to serve international markets

Below are some tips to follow when starting an internationalization process.


Key steps for an internationalization process:

1. Identify the product or service.
2. Identify the market and learn about its demands and expectations.
3. Assess he logistics and cost of exporting.
4. Establish a market access strategy.
5. Establish commercial and sales contacts.
6. Process the export and get reimbursed for the currency.


The CCB supports companies wishing to market their products or services internationally; to this end, it has developed tailor-made programs based on each company's needs. We help you design a work plan that includes enterprise strengthening, market analysis and the company's and the products' potential in the desired or selected markets.

Our program is comprised by four stages:

1. Enterprise strengthening towards internationalization.
2. Market analysis and feasibility.
3. Competitive intelligence.
4. Commercial opportunities.

As a result of the support provided towards the achievement of this goal, entrepreneurs in the Bogotá Region have managed to export over USD 3.200.000 (USA, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Perú, Czech Republic and other countries). 

Take the first step to access the support and assistance offered by the CCB, by assessing your company!

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