Project Centro de Innovación y Diseño Empresarial

El Centro de Innovación y Diseño Empresarial de la CCB nace como un complemento al portafolio de servicios de innovación que ofrecemos a nuestros empresarios. Si está interesado en desarrollar soluciones diferenciales y tangibles en corto tiempo para su empresa, en INNOVALAB le orientamos, mediante la articulación de expertos a nivel global, para la generación de alto impacto en la capacidad de innovación de sus productos o servicios.



Speed up your organization's innovation projects through differential and tangible solutions with short-term implementation periods.

Learn more about our four services:

1. Opportunity monitoring. Discover new and better possibilities for your business. Opportunities. Trends.
2. Breaking-down the problem. Decide where to focus your innovation efforts. Problems. Variable break-down. Resource focusing.
3. Prototyping and validation. Overcome the uncertainty of launching new products or services into the market, executing processes or creating new business models. Idea. User validation. Reality.
4. Zero series. Assess risks before producing or manufacturing a product, service, business model or process, by following a detailed strategy for implementation and execution for market launches. Serial production. Performance in the real market. Recommendations for success.


Desde INNOVALAB apoyamos la competitividad de las empresas y fomentamos la cultura empresarial de innovación y diseño como generadores de valor. Por otro lado, actuamos como red de conexión entre empresas con necesidades y soluciones de innovación y diseño, acelerando la generación de valor del tejido empresarial en nuestra ciudad y región.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions:

1. Do these services come with a cost? 

Yes, the cost is dependent on the resources to be invested in the development of each project. In order to know the cost of the service being required, request a quotation tailor made to suit your needs, by sending an email to:   

2. How can I gain access to these services?

Send us an e-mail to the address below , and we will get in touch with you in order to guide you through the process.

3. Who are these services intended for?

They are intended for entrepreneurs in the City-Region.

4. Why is this a pilot project?

During the second half of 2017 the CCB will be assessing the project and how well received they will be by companies in the City-Region; based on the results from this experience, it will define whether or not the services will be offered permanently or not.

Since this is project under construction, we value your suggestions and recommendations. 


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