Innovation Management Program

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Our Innovation Management Program is suggested for companies interested in turning innovation into a constant overarching practice. The CCB knows that each organization has its own specific characteristics, and is thus working in the development of a customized Innovation Model that takes into account their context, reality and strategy. This model is based on four major components:

Governance: involves determining who the members will be, who are responsible for defining the company's innovation strategy, its major guidelines and the policies for the innovation model.

Process: it means designing the "innovation machine" in order for the organization to be able to consistently ensure that its collaborators implement projects that turn problems or opportunities into creative solutions that are tangible for the company.

Culture: through this component organizations define and start the execution of the plan to strengthen their innovation competencies in order for all employees, starting from the high management, to think different, challenge traditional assumptions as to how things have been done in the past, and overcome the fear to make mistakes.

Knowledge management: it assumes the creation of strategies and processes within the company, that allow for the identification, leveraging and transformation of knowledge into new skills, ideas, experiences and tangible assets that add to the organization's value.

One of the guarantees offered by the CCB's services, especially the Innovation Management Program, is that it makes available to entrepreneurs a heterogeneous group of internal consultants who will provide constant accompaniment to organizations, as well as a team of external consultants who contribute their expertise in specific fields.

Additional information about the Information Management Program

Organizations which successfully complete the CCB's Innovation Management Program can apply for the "Good Innovation Practices" seal, issued by Icontec.  To this end, they must prove that they have a portfolio of innovation projects, and that they have systematically activated innovation processes. During the past five years, the CCB has supported over 200 companies in this undertaking. 

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