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If you want to incorporate innovation into your company, do it jointly with the best. The Bogotá Chamber of Commerce has developed a portfolio of free workshops where you can become acquainted with different innovation tools that will help you identify opportunities and generate projects in response to your company's needs. The innovation portfolio includes the following workshops:

1. Innovation tastings:

These are events to learn about, acquire and apply specific innovation tools. They are ideal for those seeking an initial approach to the matter. Some of the topics to be covered include: Prototyping, Lean Methodology, Problem-solving, Trends, Shared value, among others.

See the events calendar for 2018 

Theme Date Place

Tasting “Innovación disruptiva: diferénciate significativamente en el mercado”

April 26 

Sede Salitre de la CCB. Auditorio, salón 1

Tasting “el prototipado como herramienta de innovación para probar productos y servicios antes de salir al mercado”

May 18 

Sede Salitre de la CCB. Auditorio, salón 1

Tasting “la estrategia del océano azul para ser una empresa innovadora”

August 10 

Sede Chapinero de la CCB. Auditorio, salones 1 y 2

Tasting “innovar: estrategia obligatoria para sobrevivir en el mercado”

September 20 

Sede Chapinero de la CCB. Auditorio, salones 1 y 2

Tasting “descubrir oportunidades para innovar en su empresa (activos ocultos)

October 26 

Sede Chapinero de la CCB. Auditorio, salones 1 y 2

Tasting “cómo incrementar sus ventas con herramientas de innovación”

November 22 

Sede Chapinero de la CCB. Auditorio, salones 2 y 3

Note: programming subject to change without notice. | Registrations will be enabled 15 days before the event date.

Videos from previous events

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April Trial Records 2018:


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Trial Records Innovation - Trends (December 11, 2017)

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Trial Records - hidden assets


Trial Records Innovation - Innovation as strategy


1. Consumption trends as a source of innovation.

2. Disruptive innovation.

3. Design as a defensive development strategy.

4. Innovation tools to generate shared value (part I, part II, part III)

2. The innovation pathway

A route comprised by five (5) workshops recommended for the execution of your first projects or innovation process. It is suggested that you start with the innovation workshop as an enterprise strategy, followed by the workshops involving the learning and application of tools which allow for the generation of ideas and innovative projects:

• Innovation as a corporate strategy.
• Innovate in problem resolution.
• Process innovation.
• Product innovation.
• Services innovation.

3. Innovation management system

3.1. Asesoría y gestión de proyectos



3.2. Innovation management system

Suggested for companies interested in turning innovation into a constant overarching practice. The CCB knows that each organization has its own specific characteristics, and is thus working in the development of a customized Innovation Model that takes into account their context, reality and strategy. This model is based on four major components:

Governance: involves determining who the members will be, who are responsible for defining the company's innovation strategy, its major guidelines and the policies for the innovation model.

Process: it means designing the "innovation machine" in order for the organization to be able to consistently ensure that its collaborators implement projects that turn problems or opportunities into creative solutions that are tangible for the company.

Culture: through this component organizations define and start the execution of the plan to strengthen their innovation competencies in order for all employees, starting from the high management, to think different, challenge traditional assumptions as to how things have been done in the past, and overcome the fear to make mistakes.

Knowledge management: it assumes the creation of strategies and processes within the company, that allow for the identification, leveraging and transformation of knowledge into new skills, ideas, experiences and tangible assets that add to the organization's value.

One of the guarantees offered by the CCB's services, especially the Innovation Management Program, is that it makes available to entrepreneurs a heterogeneous group of internal consultants who will provide constant accompaniment to organizations, as well as a team of external consultants who contribute their expertise in specific fields.

Additional information about the Information Management Program

Organizations which successfully complete the CCB's Innovation Management Program can apply for the "Good Innovation Practices" seal, issued by Icontec.  To this end, they must prove that they have a portfolio of innovation projects, and that they have systematically activated innovation processes. During the past five years, the CCB has supported over 200 companies in this undertaking. 

Buenas prácticas de innovación

If you are interested in this program, write us: and a specialized consultant will contact you.

The following are some of the companies that have become certified
Empresas certificadas SGI


4. State Institutional Support for Business Innovation

Participation in public and private areas that generate advocacy on public policy issues and improvement of the innovation ecosystem.



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