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Benefits for entrepreneurs searching for investment capital:

  1. Access to a broad portfolio of information, training, advisory and contact services.
  2. Possibility to interact with corporate advisers.
  1. Enterprise assesment that will allow you to identify opportunities for improvement in different areas.
  2. Possibility of getting introduced to potential investors in the CCB's Network of Angel Investors. 
Requirements to access the network

In order for an entrepreneur or business owner to be eligible for incorporation into the CCB's Network of Angel Investors, he/she will have to meet the following requirements:

  • Be active within the CCB's services model, that the CCB makes available to entrepreneurs and business owners in Bogotá and in neighboring municipalities in Cundinamarca.
  • Having completed the process for the preparation and selection of companies seeking investors
How we operate?

Within the financial preparation process carried out by the CCB, there is a cycle dubbed "Investor search program", whose main goal is to train, prepare and introduce entrepreneurs to different sources of investment such as private capital funds and/or angel investors.

Only those entrepreneurs and business owners who are active in their enterprise services pathway will be eligible to access the contact services. The program is comprised of training cycles, through 5 sessions with the following topics:

  • Introduction to venture capitals.
  • Legal aspects of negotiations with investors.
  • How to value your company?
  • What information should I present to the investor? Simulated pitch.
  • Display of the best prepared projects in an event dubbed "Investor", in which both entrepreneurs as well as potential investors participate.

Should you have any questions, or require additional information, please write us to: juan.mendoza@ccb.org.co / sandra.torres@ccb.org.co 

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