Corporate strategy

Following are some tips to learn more about your customers, and to ensure their loyalty.

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Do you know your ideal customer?
Do you know where to find it?

We tell you how to identify your customer, to be able to generate management strategies that will allow you to find them, contact them, and engage them.

Define who your customer is

Identify characteristics of your market and segment it into smaller portions according to specific variables:

  • Demographic
  • Geographic
  • Psychographic.

If your customers are companies, do it by:

  • Size
  • Sales levels
  • Location 
  • Economic activities.


Ask them:

  • About their needs and how they expect those needs to be satisfied.
  • What are their expectations regarding your product or service.


Create your own value proposition and communicate it

  • Find that which you do for your customer, and which will satisfy its need in a different way.
  • Draft a list of the benefits you provide trough your product or service, for example:
    • Trust
    • Time saving
    • Accompaniment
  • A value proposition purely based in price, is not easily defensible
  • When communicating it, be brief, and avoid technical jargon

At the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá we provide you with advise and assistance on this and other tools you can use in your company 


At the CCB we assist you in structuring your entrepreneurial strategy and in developing action plans to implement it based on effective management schemes.  To this end, we invite you to make a free, personalized and confidential assessment of your company.  You will then be eligible to access a services pathway based on your needs, that will help you strengthen your company. 

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