Shared Value Initiatives

What is Shared Value?

Shared value is a set of business practices which right from their conception has the dual purpose of providing the organization with utilities and improving social, environmental or economic conditions of a specific population related to the business. 

How can your company create Shared Value?

Companies are the only ones that generate Shared Value and they can do so through:

• Developing new products or services that help people to live better or to respond to a need.

• Achieving greater efficiency in the value chain, improving the efficient management of the water resources, energy and solid waste with effects on the environment.

• Supporting the strengthening of suppliers or local distributors.

• Actively participating in clusters of companies, educational institutions, public entities and associations related to the same industry to boost their competitiveness collective.

How does the CCB support entrepreneurs?

We advise companies in the development of profitable long-term projects and initiatives that help the city and the region become more prosperous and have greater opportunities to its inhabitants.  

Types of initiatives that we support:

Supplier Development Program

Seeks to generate improvement processes in business management by the strategic suppliers of leading companies, based on an accompaniment to become stronger, resulting in an increase in competitiveness for the industry. Vendor companies participate in a training program in which the lead company and the CCB offer workshops on strategic matters that improve competitiveness. 

Efficient use of water resources and energy

Advises companies in the efficient consumption of energy, water resources and solid waste management as a strategy to improve their competitiveness. Its objective is to promote environmental competencies in companies to identify and develop efficient practices in the consumption of resources and waste management.

Likewise, advises organizations in establishing environmental indicators that enable them to strengthen their business management, reduce consumption, lower costs, and contribute to the improvement of the conditions of the environment.

Innovation in products and services

Drives, based on tools for innovation, project identification and development focused on Shared Value that generate new products and/or services.

Through the methodology, companies receive orientation in identifying opportunities in the environment, in designing new products and services that generate new or higher profits for companies, meet community needs and allow for the creation of a differentiating factor in the business model.

Shared Value Prize

In order to promote a new business culture based on companies as protagonists of society's well-being, the CCB created the Shared Value Award in 2013, a recognition to companies that, based a profitable business, manage to improve the social, economic, or environmental conditions.

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