Investment Mentoring Program


This program is unique in Latin America, and allows for the integration of mentorship practices and investment; it is focused on enterprise strengthening, whereby high-impact companies are accompanied by mentors who help them transform their businesses into sustainable companies, with an option to invest in them. 

The program was created to complement the existing offering of activities that bring capital resources closer to entrepreneurs.  Therefore, successful entrepreneurs working as mentors will accompany and advise the entrepreneur over a six-month period, in order to positively contribute to the transformation and strengthening of his/her business. On early 2014 the CCB began the design and implementation of a Investment Mentoring Program that allows for the selection and accompaniment of entrepreneurs interested in receiving investment capital.

The entrepreneurs will receive a benefit, since the mentor will support them in their corporate strategy, through the design of their corporate governance policy as well as their commercial and sales strategies.  Furthermore, the mentor helps define the expansion plan, the improvement of the financial management, and the optimization of costs and expenses, in addition to redefining the organizational structure and the company's value proposition.  At the end of this process, the mentor will have the option to invest in the company.

Mentors have the opportunity to share their knowledge, thus contributing to the generation of value in the enterprise and corporate sectors and, of course, to implement their investment plans in the companies.  Furthermore, they are admitted into the Chamber's network of mentors.

Program achievements

  • The network started with 18 investor-mentors supporting 9 entrepreneurs, and has now grown to have 30 mentors supporting 19 entrepreneurs.
  • To date, the network of mentors has held a total of 80 mentorship sessions, which are reflected into 156 hours donated.
  • At this time it already counts two successful investments

Benefits of participating in the program


Benefits for entrepreneurs

Benefits for investor-mentors

  • Getting support from an experienced mentor.
  • Definition of their corporate, commercial and financial strategy.
  • Definition of their corporate governance policy and their expansion plan.
  • Cost, expense and value proposition optimization
  • Among others.
  • Possibility of sharing their knowledge and experience and to build long-term entrepreneur-investor relations.
  • Possibility of being a member of the only network of investor-mentors.
  • Possibility of finding investment opportunities

Requirements to participate




  • Companies must be located in the Bogotá-Region.
  • No less than 2 years since their establishment.
  • No less than $300 million in annual sales.
  • Positive growth trend in at least two of the following factors: profitability / sales / direct and non-temporary employment.
  • Business model: innovative, with a differentiated value proposition.
  • Not seeking investment capital.
  • Bookkeeping must be done in accordance with the existing accounting and financial standards.
  • Entrepreneur or enterprise leader with at least 10 years of experience.
  • Individuals interested in investing time and capital.
  • Time: at least 2 hours per month during a one-year period.
  • Minimum investment of $50 million in one company during no less than one year.
  • With the disposition to support entrepreneurs to help them grow.

If you are interested in applying for the program, we ask that you check our online channels periodically, where we will post information when new application dates open.

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