We share with you these tips that will help you in your company's financial process.



Here is the explanation of four financial indicators for your company


The gross margin is one of the profitability indicators.

Gross profit * 100 / net sales

It indicates the percentage of the funds left after eliminating the cost of the products or services sold, based on revenue figures.


It calculates the level of debt as follows:

Total liabilities * 100 / total assets

It indicates the percentage of total liabilities within the total assets; the higher the index, the greater the company's financial leverage compared to third parties.


Working capital is one of the liquidity indicators:

Current assets - Current liabilities.

Once the company pays all its current obligations, it will have X amount of cash left to pay obligations arising in the regular course of its economic activity


Portfolio turnover is one of the activity indicators:

Accounts receivable * 360 / net sales on credit.

It determines how long it will take for the accounts receivable to become cash

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