Cluster Development Initiatives

The CCB leads the development of Cluster initiatives, neutral scenarios where leaders from the enterprise, government and academic sectors define a joint work vision to achieve the purpose that has been agreed upon.

Why it is important to participate of this initiatives?

Because they facilitate spaces for entrepreneurs to meet and network, finding synergies with universities, governments and other entrepreneurs, as a means to improve their business strategies and the investment environment in Bogotá and the region. 

These initiatives seek to impact the productivity of the companies and the creation of better competitiveness conditions for each economic sector that defines them. They also allow for: 

  • Sharing of, and jointly working on, a vision of the future.
  • Creating and developing joint projects with public and private stakeholders.
  • Expanding the knowledge about the business.
  • Building productive chains.
  • Gaining access to corporate strengthening programs, tailored to fulfill the needs of the companies in the Clusters.
  • Taking part in networking events, workshops and business rounds.
  • Aligning the academic offering to the enterprise needs.
  • Articulating supply and demand.
  • Developing shared value initiatives that yield greater profitability for companies and bring with them environmental and social benefits.

At this time, the Cluster Development Initiatives that the CCB is promoting with support from different public and private institutions are: 

Cluster development initiative for the apparel industry

We work in the development of an integrated productive chain where the different links are strengthened, with specialized human talent, providing a clear, high quality offering in design and production. We integrate textile, garments, and services companies with vendors, marketing companies, and support institutions.

Our projects focus on:

• Promoting the update and improvement of the processes followed by the companies in the Cluster, through the use of innovation and technology in production.
• Developing projects that foster the productivity and efficiency of the companies in the Cluster, while strengthening their human capital.
• Identifying new marketing and sales channels and promoting fair trade conditions.

Cluster development initiative for the Leather, Shoes and Leather Work industry

We work to consolidate the competitiveness of the companies in the region, based on their lengthy tradition and their important role as the main producer and marketer of products for both the domestic as well as the exports markets, developing transverse benefits for the chain, expanding the capabilities in design and innovation for differentiation, leveraging on the opportunities afforded by free trade and special trade agreements between local production, sales and marketing chains, and large surfaces. This initiative integrates companies involved in leather tanning, design, shoe and leather work production, as well as sellers.

Our projects focus on:

• Establishing competitive differentials in design, comfort and innovation in the different products in order to supply the internal demand and generate a proper approach.
• Fostering the productivity and efficiency of the companies in the Cluster, while strengthening their human capital.
• Articulating academic research with enterprise needs for the technological development of the companies in the Cluster.

Cluster development initiative for the Jewelry and Imitation Jewelry industry

We work in positioning the main creative expressions in jewelry and imitation jewelry, with innovations in design and certified quality, projecting their cultural and craftsmanship values, and responding to the jewelry needs in the world. We integrate the companies dedicated to the handcrafting of jewels and accessories, jewelry and imitation jewelry designers, industrial manufacturers and arts and crafts shops, specialized stores, marketers and vendors or raw materials, supplies, equipment and tools for the jewelry industry. The Cluster also calls upon the vendors or raw materials, supplies, equipment and tools based in the city, in addition to generating links with other Clusters, such as the Emeralds Cluster.

Our projects focus on:

• Promoting productivity, through an improvement of enterprise management, the effective integration of the different links in the chain, and the strengthening and belonging of human capital required in Bogotá.
• Direct and strengthen the marketing and sales strategies in the search for new channels and specialized market niches, with brands reflecting Bogotá's identity.
• Articulate the needs of the Cluster's stakeholders with the formulation and development of regulations that will have an impact on the sector's competitive environment.

Cluster development initiative for the Cosmetics industry

We strive to become leaders in the production and marketing of cosmetics made using natural ingredients, renowned for their use of the latest production, design and innovation processes. We integrate make-up, perfumes, personal hygiene, hand and foot care, body and facial treatment, hair products, and shaving products companies.

Our projects focus on:

• Articulating efforts with the academia in order for the companies in the Cluster to be at the forefront in terms of their production processes, following high quality standards.
• Developing innovation in production and the use of new natural ingredients as a competitive differential.
• Orienting efforts towards a cleaner production minding the environment and its biodiversity.

Cluster development initiative for the Creative and Contents Industry

We work to turn Bogotá into the main creative contents hub in Latin America. We integrate companies working in cinema, advertising, media, video games, and digital animation, such as advertising agencies, media agencies, marketing agencies, TV channels, movie producing companies, audiovisual producers, post-production companies, digital animation studios, video game studios.

Our projects focus on:

• Identifying, promoting and creating new spaces for the promotion and positioning of the products and services generated by the companies in the Cluster.
• Leading and supporting actions to improve the industry's environment in terms of regulations and statistical measurements.
• Designing and developing programs and projects to improve the enterprise skills of the companies in the Cluster.

Cluster development initiative for the Business and Events Tourism industry

We are working to be recognized as the articulating strategy that promotes competitiveness and innovation in tradeshows, congresses, conventions, exhibits and incentive traveling; through the use of networks we bring together entrepreneurs, public institutions, the academia, and the community, in order to tend to the domestic and Latin American demand, by providing high quality, sustainable products and services.

We integrate those companies committed with the promotion of business tourism, such as hotels, tradeshow venues, travel agencies, restaurants, air and land transportation, professional congress and events organizers.

Our projects focus on:

• Promoting and articulating promotional, connectivity and infrastructure actions, aimed at boosting the city's reputation as the main business and events destination in Latin America.
• Strengthening the companies in the Cluster through specialized training programs, innovation workshops, business rounds and networking events, in accordance with the needs prioritized by the entrepreneurs.
• Promoting digital innovation projects aimed at facilitating access to the city's cultural and tourism offering.

Cluster development initiative for Bogotá's Software and IT industry

We are working to be renowned in the Andean region for our software development industry for specialized market niches. Our companies are notorious for the vertical nature of their portfolios, for the generation of innovative, high added value services, always at the forefront of the global trends. We integrate companies working in the development of applications, customized software, IT services and the like.

Our projects focus on:

• Facilitating the connection between supply and demand, articulating different industry stakeholders, in order to achieve a vertical nature in the market that will contribute to the Cluster's specialization.
• Strengthening the industry's human resources in both number and quality of their skills, in order to respond to the growth dynamics and the needs of the enterprise sector.
• Contributing to the industry in Bogotá, through a promotion of productivity and efficiency in the Cluster's companies, as well as of the business environment conditions.

Cluster development initiative for the Graphic Communications industry

We are working to be recognized as the providers of tailor-made solutions integrating the use of paper with information and communications technologies (ICTs) under the highest quality and environmental sustainability standards in the printing, design and content creation projects. We integrate printing companies in areas such as books and magazines, catalogs, calendars, cards and personal schedules, lithographs, editorial, label and packing companies, and graphic design companies.

Our projects focus on:

• Promoting innovation and quality in design and printing as a differentiating factor for the industry's products and services.
• Inspire the development of tailor-made solutions that integrate with ITCs.
• Strengthen exporting capabilities in order to position the Cluster in international markets.

Cluster development initiative in the Electrical Power industry

We work to be renowned in Latin America for our leadership in the offering of efficient, high quality power solutions, and technologies to tend to the local, domestic and international demands.  Innovation and research will be key axes for the economic development of the companies in the region.

Cluster development initiative for the Gastronomy industry

We are working to be recognized for our leadership and positioning in the provision of innovative, sustainable, high-quality services that highlight the Colombian gastronomical offering in order to facilitate the establishment of synergies and the articulation between entrepreneurs, vendors and the academia in order to tend to an increasingly sophisticated domestic and international demand. Information and knowledge will be key axes in this initiative.

Cluster development initiative for the Music industry

We work to turn the city into the main music business center in Latin America, with a broad and effective network for local circulation, and programs that favor regional and international investment through a specialized offering.

Cluster development initiative for Bogotá's Health industry

We work to consolidate Bogotá as the most competitive and sustainable city in Latin America in terms of health services, highlighting its high quality and safety standards at all levels of service.

We integrate the vendors of suppliers, devices, technology, equipment, pharmaceutical drugs and specialized services, health service providers such as clinics and hospitals, buyers of health services, such as EPSs, pre-paid medicine and insurance companies, as well as support institutions such as the Government, the associations and the academia.

Our projects focus on:
• Ensuring quality and patient safety during the provision of health services, promoting accreditation and an effective measurement of clinical results.
• Positioning Bogotá as a domestic and international health benchmark offering a comprehensive and differentiated portfolio of products, services and information.
• Training human talent in the provision of services and the conduction of research, development and innovation activities.
• Develop hospital environments that are safe and equipped with the latest technologies in order to satisfy the citizens' needs and expectations.

Cluster development initiative for Bogotá's Dairy industry

We work to ensure that in 10 years Bogotá and the Region will be known as a geographic benchmark in terms of organization, productivity and sustainability of the dairy industry, known for its formal, profitable companies that offer differentiated, healthy, safe and high-quality products. We integrate the dairy and cattle farming companies, aggregators and processors, small and mid-sized dairy producers, the academia, research centers, Government institutions, associations and other support institutions.

Our projects focus on:

• Contributing to an increase in competitiveness by the dairy industry, supporting it with enterprise strengthening programs.
• Fostering innovation and technological development practices.
• Promoting the consumption of milk and dairy products, through the implementation of marketing and promotional campaigns.
• Strengthening the human talent working in the dairy industry in Bogotá and the region, making it more competitive.

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