Online password

The CCB advises that registered natural persons and legal representatives of legal persons wishing to perform procedures and consultations using our online services, must use the new online password; a personal and non-transferable tool that offers complete technical and legal security. 

Why is it a secure password? 

Because it is an alphanumeric password created by the user and generated through an application to verify and validate your identity through a series of personal questions about your colombian credit or banking history. This password, once created, will be encrypted and stored on a server certified by  Certicámara S.A.

What should users who already have an online services password with the CCB do? 

The password with which users previously identified themselves in our online services is inactive; therefore, they must request their secure password. 

Legal framework and standing regulations 

  • Law 527 of 1999 (e-commerce).
  • Decree 2364 of 2012 (which regulates article 7 of Law 527 of 1999 on electronic signature mechanisms). 
  • External Circular No. 8 of 9 of october, 2013 from the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, which created the Fraud Prevention System (Sipref) for the chambers' registration activities. 

(spanish version).

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