About RUP

Benefits of being included in the RUP
  • Provide visibility over the requirements which make the proponent eligible, such as legal, financial and organizational standing, as well as experience.
  • Participate in the bids and tenders carried out by state institutions.
  • Being awarded the Unified Offeror Registry Certificate, which becomes evidence of the fact that the company's documentary information has been verified, and thus its registration is in good standing.
Who can apply?

In accordance with the latest regulations (Decree 1082 of 2015 and Exclusive Memo by the SIC, Title VII, Point 1.2), the following institutions can be registered into the Unified Offeror Registry:


  • Merchants registered into the Commercial Registry.
  • Not registered into the Commercial Registry, or with their certificates canceled.

Legal persons:

  • Commercial companies.
  • Civil Partnerships.
  • Foreign companies with branch offices in Colombia.
  • Institutions under surveillance by the Financial Superintendence of Colombia.
  • Non-For-Profit Organizations (ESAL):
  • Registered into, and active in, the Non-For-Profit Organizations Registry.
  • Not registered into the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá's record-keeping system.
Where to carry out the proceedings for this registration

Online: Through this service, registration, update, renewal and cancellation proceedings for the Unified Offeror Registry are carried out in a fashion that is fully safe, and with full legal validity, in accordance with the dispositions set forth in Decree 1082 of 2015. Certifications are drafted based on the information the entrepreneur provides in the forms filled out for the proceeding.

At the  CCB's offices and sites .

Change of address: Once the registration for the change of venue has been made into the Merchant's Registrar or into the Registrar of Non-For-Profit Organizations, within the five (5) following days the originating Chamber of Commerce shall send to the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, using the RUES, all the documents in the proponent's docket, in order to make the corresponding transfer in the Single Proponents' Registrar; therefore, this shall be a proceeding among Chambers of Commerce, that shall require no filing of a RUES form, nor the payment of any duties.

Entry into effect of acts registered into the RUP

The actions included into the Single Proponents Listing shall enter into effect in ten (10) work days, counted as of the day following their posting on the Single Enterprise and Social Registrar (RUES), as long as no recourse has been filed against such acting.  At the CCB Saturdays are not considered to be workdays of any terms or time frames. 


Before carrying out your proceedings:

Review the prices of the public record rates.  Furthermore, review the Checklists of documents required by law, that you will need to have in a PDF form, in order to successfully complete your proceeding. 

Should you have any questions or comments, view:


  • The proceeding must be made either by the individual interested, or the legal representative of the legal persons, companies or ESAL.
  • This service is developed for optimal viewing in Internet Explorer 7 and 8, Mozilla 3.0, Google Chrome and Opera 9.5 or higher. Additionally, your computer must have the Acrobat Reader 10.1 or higher installed. If you do not have it,  download it here .
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