Unified Offeror Registry regulations


Law 1755 of 2015

Regulations of the Right of Petition.

Law 1474 of 2011

Article 90 - It defines the conditions for a disqualification due to repeated default or non-compliance.

Law 1150 of 2007

Article 6 amends Law 80 of 1993 (General Law on Public Procurement).

Law 789 of 2002

Regulates payroll contributions and establishes other tax rules.

Law 80 of 1993

Creates the General Procurement Law and the Unified Offeror Registry.

Law 1314 of 2009

Which regulates the accounting principles and financial information standards in Colombia (IFRS).


Decree 1082 of 2015

“Which issues the Single Regulatory Decree for the National Administrative Planning Sector" which compiles, among other norms, Decrees 1510 of 2013 and 791 of 2014 regarding the RUP, and thus establishing them as its only governing norm. 

Decree 19 of 2012

Sets rules to void or amend unnecessary existing regulations, procedures and red tape in the Public Administration. Article 221 amended article 6 of Law 11 of 2007. 

Decree 1074 of 2015

Regulates chambers of commerce fees. 

Decree 1516 of 2016

Non-compliance report in the execution of social interest housing projects. 


External Memo 004 from july 14th, 2017 - RUES Form

External Memo 004 from July 14th, 2017, issued by the SIC, which modifies Annex 4.1.  "RUES Form and its Annexes" of Chapter One "Public Records to be kept by the Chambers of Commerce" of Title VIII of the Individual Memo issued by the SIC.. 

Circular number 2 of 2016

"Modifies Title VIII of the Single Memo, which provides instructions to the chambers of commerce related to the aspects pertaining to public records".

Annex 4

Attached request for the use of electronic media for the sending of information from state institutions regarding contracts, fines, sanctions and disqualifications, as well as the report on the sanctions due to non-compliance as covered by Decree 1516 of 2016.  

Formal Opinions

Formal Opinion by the Technical Public Accounting Council

Formal Opinion by the Technical Public Accounting Council on expenses and interests 

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