Unified National Registry of Payment Order Operators (Runeol) regulations


Decree 1348 of 2016 - Whereby information disclosure and risk management in the sale and management of payment order transactions carried out under the protection of Law 1527 of 2012 are regulated.

Decree 1481 of 1989 - Whereby the nature, features, formation, internal systems, liability and penalties are established, and other measures are issued for the promotion of employee funds. 

Law 1527 of 2012 - Whereby a general framework is established for payment orders or direct deductions and other provisions are issued.

Decree 1840 of 2015 - Which regulates the Single National Registrar of Draft Loan Operators. 

Law 1753 of 2015 - Issuing the 2014 - 2018 National Development Plan "Everyone working for a new country".

Resolution 3440 of 2015 - Which sets the amounts that must be paid for the Single National Registrar of Draft Loan Operators. 

Resolution 65145 of 2015 - Which approves the Single Electronic Form for the RUNEOL. 



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