Non-profit organizations regulations


Law 962 of 2005

Dictates provisions streamlining administrative requirements and procedures of the agencies and State entities and individuals exercising public functions or providing public services.

Law 850 of 2003

Citizen oversight offices

Law 675 of 2001

Issuing the horizontal property regime. 

Law 181 of 1995

Establishes the rules for the promotion of sports, recreation, the use of leisure time and physical education, thus creating the National Sports System. 

 Law 115 of 1994 

Final text of Senate Bill 261-93, 05-92 Chamber whereby the General Education Law is issued.

 Law 133 of 1994 

Develops the right to religious freedom and worship, recognized in article 19 of the Constitution.

 Law 100 of 1993 

Creates the Comprehensive Social Security System and establishes other provisions. 

Law 44 of 1993

Amends and supplements Law 23 of 1982 and amends Law 29 of 1994.

Law 10 of 1990 

Reorganizes the National Health System and establishes other provisions. 

Law 79 of 1988 

Updated the cooperative legislation. 


Unique Regulatory Decree 1074 of 2015 

Whereby the Unique Regulatory Decree of the Industry Commerce and Tourism Sector is issued.

Decree 19 of 2012

Sets rules to void or amend unnecessary existing regulations, procedures and red tape in the Public Administration.

Decree 622 of 2000

Sets the jurisdiction of the chambers of commerce throughout the national territory.

Decree 1774 of 2000

Regulates Law 537 of December 1, 1999. 

Decree 427 of 1996

Regulates Chapter II of Title I and Chapter XV of Title II in Decree 2150 of 1995. 

Decree Law 2150 of 1995

Establishes other provisions. 


Resolution 267 of 2001

Establishes the rights in respect of Apostille documents from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 


Ruling of April 8, 2003

  • Constitutional Court. C-292/03.
  • Reference: Record PE-016
  • Constitutionality review of Senate Bill number 022 of 2001, and House Bill 149 of 2001, by way of which citizen oversight is regulated. M.P. Eduardo Montealegre Lynett.

Ruling of March 19, 1999

  • State Council, Division of Administrative Litigation Section Four.
  • Record no. 11001-03-27-000-1998-0125-00. File No. 9203.
  • It annulled paragraph 6 of article 15 of Decree 0650 of 1996, which set a deadline of 15 working days to request a refund for payments made in excess, and payments made when not due. M.P. Daniel Manrique Guzmán.

Unified Circular

For some aspects relating to Public Registries taken over by the Chambers of Commerce in consideration of article 166 of Decree Law 019 of 2012 and the transfers of place of business of the companies stated in article 154 of aforementioned Decree Law. 

Basic Legal Circular 2015

Basic Legal Circular Supersolidaria 2015

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