National Registry of Tourism (RNT)


Law 1558 of 2012

It changes the General Tourism Law, Law 300 of 1996


Decree 19 of 2012

Sets rules to void or amend unnecessary existing regulations, procedures and red tape in the Public Administration. 

Decree 229 of 2017

Registration, update, suspension of the RNT

Decree 1074 of 2015

Single Regulatory Decree of the Tourism Sector


Memo 002 of 2017 form the vice-minister of Tourism

Virtual verification scheme. 

Single Memo issued by the Superintendence of Industry and Trade


Resolution 3860 of 2015 NTS

Which regulates compliance with technical standards and norms. 

Resolution 477 of March 21, 2017

Extension of time-frame for requirements. 

Resolution 1236 of 2017 

Virtual certification

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