Oversight associations

Citizen Oversight Public Registry

This listing includes all organizations exercising oversight and surveillance functions over:

1. Public management: Administrative, political, judicial, electoral, legislative authorities, and control bodies.
2. Public or private institutions: Non-Government Organizations of a national or international nature, operating in the country, tasked with the execution of a program, project, contract, or for the provision of a public service or utility.

Should you require additional information, read Article 1 of Law 850 of 2003 .

Proceedings related to this Registration

  • Establishment of the oversight association or network.
  • Cancellation of the registration of the oversight association or network.
  • Annual renewal of the registration of the oversight association or network.
  • Registration and acknowledgment of the network of citizen oversight associations.
  • The registration of all acts and documents established for non-for-profit legal persons.

Registration procedure: Civil or citizen organizations will choose overseers in a democratic fashion, and will then draft a document or a creation minute stating the name of the members, their personal ID number, the purpose of the oversight association, the territorial level, its effective term and address. 

These proceedings are carried out in person at any of our sites .

As per the dispositions set forth by law, the Chamber of Commerce's response time for these kinds of registration proceedings shall be 15 work days as of their filing. 

Network of Citizen Oversight Groups

Law 1757 of july 6th of 2015

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