Send request for prior review of certificates and documents

If you would like to send us your certificates for the merchant’s registry of meetings of shareholders, partner meetings, and boards of directors or non-profit entities, keep in mind that:

  • You may attach two (2) files per request, each one of a maximum size of 5,000 Kb.
  • The file names must be written in lower case. Special characters must not be used, such as: (*?¡¿’)(/&%$#”!;:, ), nor spaces.
  • The file names must have no more than 20 characters.
  • The permitted formats are *docx, *.pdf and *.tiff. (Note: Select the option to save a smaller file or save for web when generating the PDF file.)
  • Keep in mind that the certificates you attach must belong to the company that makes the application.


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