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Register, renew and learn more about the benefits and usefulness of the Merchant's Registry.



All entrepreneurs registered must renew their certificate and that of their commercial establishments before March 31 of each year. This proceeding can be done  online  (spanish version) or at any of the  CCB's offices . Learn more about Rates of the Public Registries 2023 .

If you are paying your business registration before March 31, do not renew for 2018, as established by section of Bulletin number 002 of 2016 of the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce.


Renew online and follow the steps below:

Get your virtual key

Fill out the online form

Make your payment

Get benefits





What are your obligations as a merchant, and what happens if you fail to meet them? 

As per article 19 of the Código de Comercio  (spanish version), a merchant's obligations are:

  • To register into the Commercial Registry, and to renew their membership annually.
  • Recording all acts, ledgers and documents in the Commercial Registry.
  • Keep a regular bookkeeping of their business transactions in compliance with all legal dispositions.
  • Keep, in compliance with all legal dispositions, the correspondence and other documents related to their business or activities.
  • Report to the corresponding judge any interruptions in the current payment of their mercantile obligations.
  • Refrain from engaging in unfair competition acts.

For further information, contact our Customer Response Line: (571) 3830330 o see the  Vademecum Commercial Registry  (spanish version).

For further information, go to article 37 of the Código de Comercio  (spanish version), the article 11 of the Decree 2153 of 1992 and the article 10 of the Decree 4886 of 2011.

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