Fraud Prevention System


  • Periodically review your information registered with the CCB


What is it?

The Fraud Prevention System (SIPREF) is a set of free-to-use tools and controls you have at your disposal, which seek to prevent third parties other than the holder of the registry from changing your company's information.

Keeping your information up to date is key for the protection of your company's information listed in public records.

Verify and update the commercial and legal notification information so you can stay informed about any new situations that may affect your records:
  • What controls has the CCB implemented in order to protect entrepreneurs?
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Sending of alerts

Upon receiving the filing of a request for renewal, registration, or modification of the information listed in public records, the CCB will send alerts to the most recent e-mail addresses on record (commercial address and legal notification address), as well as to the last cellphone number recorded by the customer, reporting such change requests and their status. 

Identity validation

Any time a document is received by the CCB, evidence of the identification of whoever files such document or request physically is kept, thus validating the individual's identity through biometric identification mechanisms.

For the special case of the creation of a company, appointments or changes to the partner structure of a legal person, the identity validation is made through the National Registrar's Office's information validation system.


Special management of inactive Registrations

Whenever those registered in the Registrar have not updated their information due to lack of registration of any acts or documents, or because of any omission in the renewal of the merchant's registrar or registration within a three-year period, or longer, reactivating the registration or record will require that the legal representative or an administrative member or the registered statutory auditor personally appear before the CCB. 

Virtual key and online proceedings

The proceedings carried out by our entrepreneurs are supported by Virtual Keys created by the user and generated through an application that validates their identity through verification of their personal information, comparing it against the one kept in specialized databases as approved by law, as well as through the use of certified Digital Signatures, thus providing technical and legal security to all virtual and online proceedings. 

Electronic issuance and validation of certificates

Certificates for individuals, legal persons, trade establishments, branch offices and agencies who have registered within the CCB's jurisdiction (except for textual certificates of the documents used for the registration) are only issued electronically and are digitally signed, thus providing full legal recognition and value in accordance with the dispositions set forth under Law 527 of 1999.

  • What should I do if I find out that unauthorized individuals have requested modifications to my company's information?
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File a claim with the CCB, objecting such proceeding 

You can report the issue in writing at any of our business venues or via e-mail sent to: , before the proceeding has been validated and approved by the Chamber of Commerce.

You must also include in your objection your contact information (name, identification, telephone numbers, proceeding number and e-mail) in order to tend to, and respond to, within the terms set forth by the Administrative Procedural Codes.


File a criminal claim within two (2) work days 

Once your objection has been filed, you will have two (2) additional work days to file the corresponding criminal claim as the holder of the information.

Once this proceeding has been fulfilled, the Chamber of Commerce shall then refrain from making the requested registration or modification to the record.

Keep in mind that, should you fail to object the proceeding, or to include the corresponding criminal claim, the Chamber of Commerce shall be required to continue with the requested proceeding.

If the objection states that the individual who has been listed as signing the request for modification of records was not, in fact, who requested it, then said person may appear in person at any of our business venues providing proper proof of ID, in order to notify the situation; with this the Chamber of Commerce may then refrain from carrying out the requested registration or modification to the record.

All our clients are beneficiaries and active users of the SIPREF 

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