Registration of private, foreign, non-for-profit organizations

This registration applies to private, foreign legal persons, and foreign Non-For-Profit Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) located abroad, which establish permanent business operations or that wish to carry out their operations in Colombia; in it, they shall record the appointment of attorneys with the power to represent them legally.

The CCB carried out the registration and certification of private, foreign legal persons, and foreign Non-For-Profit Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) located abroad that were received from the Ministry of Interior, due to the competence assigned to it through Decree 19 of 2012, which was regulated by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce through memos number 008 and 012 of 2012.

Said institutions can now request their certificate from any of our sites or centers .

Proceedings related to this registration:
(Chambers of Commerce are only entitled to carrying out the following proceedings related to these NGOs).

  • Registration of the certificate.
  • Appointment of attorneys with powers to legally represent a foreign Non-For-Profit organization or an NGO which establish permanent business operations in Colombia (through a legalized public deed).
  • Cancellation or revoking of the appointment of attorneys with powers to legally represent a foreign Non-For-Profit organization or an NGO which establish permanent business operations in Colombia (through a legalized public deed).
  • Amendment of the powers granted to attorneys (through a legalized public deed).
  • Amendment of the company's main address in Colombia (through a legalized public deed).
  • All other acts which must be registered in accordance with the law.     

Entrepreneurs shall carry out these proceedings in person at any of our customer service centers , and shall be warned that the response time established by the Chamber of Commerce for this Registration is eight (8) work hours counted as of its filing.

For further information, contact our Customer Response Line: (571) 3830330 or visit any of our offices .

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