Solidarity economy

In compliance with article 143 of Decree 2150 of 1995, cooperative institutions, employee savings funds and mutual associations, as well as their integration bodies and the ancillary cooperative institutions shall be Non-For-Profit organizations, and shall be established through public deed or private document.

Said document must be signed by all founding associates and must include a contents about the approval of the association's bylaws.

Proceedings related to this registration:

  • Establishment of Non-For-Profit organizations as described under Law 454 of 1998 and their subsequent reforms, dissolution, liquidation and dispositions related to these acts.
  • Appointment, removal or renewal of administrators or statutory auditors, as well as dispositions related to these acts.
  • Registration of the special certificate issued by the Superintendence of Solidarity Economy in those cases in which  such record exists before this Superintendence.
  • Acts requiring registration under the law.

These proceedings are carried out in person at any of our customer center sites , and shall be warned that the response time established by the Chamber of Commerce for this Registration is eight (8) work hours counted as of its filing.

For further information, contact our Customer Response Line: (571) 3830330 or visit any of  our offices .

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