Renew your registration

Renew and pay online up to March 31 and obtain these benefits:

  • Four free passports to Mundo Aventura park.
  • Discount in plan Salas Maloka.
  • A COP 100,000 voucher for CCB business training programs.  

When you renew:

  • Avoid fines of up to 17 current minimum monthly salaries (SMMLV, for the Spanish original) by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.
  • Facilitates loans in the financial sector.
  • Enables access to the large CCB database.
  • Accredits you as a company that complies with its legal duties.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the deadline to renew the merchant's certificate?

Renewal of the merchant's certificate must be performed within the first three months of each year. That is, until March 31st. Do it early online, and avoid last-minute issues.

If I want to renew online, how do I obtain the key?

Log on to online services and select password request for online services. Click on see more to access online services (spanish version).

What documents should I submit to renew my merchant's certificate?

You must only submit the renewal form signed by the legal representative or owner.

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