Mundo Aventura's Special Campaign

mundo aventura

Mundo Aventura is Colombia’s number one amusement park because of the number of visitors. It was recently awarded the Rosa de los Vientos prize by the Colombian Association of Travel Writers and Journalists (ACOPET, for the Spanish original).

Realice la renovación por Internet de su matrícula o inscripción de Entidad Sin Ánimo de Lucro desde el 1 de octubre hasta el 23 de noviembre y reciba cuatro pasaportes CCB gratis para el parque Mundo Aventura.

Dates to redeem passports:

During the park’s opening hours from October 1 to November 27, 2019 (not applicable for October 12, 13 and 14).

Process to redeem the offer:

Five (5) business days after having made the renewal payment, the CCB will send the access passwords and instructions to redeem your passwords at the park only to the email you have registered with our entity.

If you would like to update your email address, enter here.


1. Enter the link from February and enter your registration number and allocated CCB number (we recommend using the Google browser).
2. Register your personal information.
3. Select the type of CCB passports (family and/or kids).
4. Print the file in PDF and show it at ticket offices 14 or 15. Entry is through the car park (Carrera 71D).

Remember that once the passports are redeemed, the printed PDF file will no longer be valid.

Attractions by type of CCB passport:

Passport CCB

Amount of attractions




Carrusel, Dragon fly, Ikaro, La granja, Magic Bikes, Monasterio inclinado, Tacitas de té, Tropicana



Carrusel, Dragon fly, La granja, Paseo de piratas, Soft play, Tacitas de té, Tortugas, Tren río grande, Vía panamericana, Bus loco

(Attractions may be changed without prior notice and will be replaced by similar ones).


Upgrade your CCB passports

Obtain more attractions and upgrade your CCB passport with the following discounts: 



Single payment


50 %

$ 17.500


50 %

$ 22.650


30 %

$ 41.300


Other recommendations:

  • The free CCB passports are NOT applicable for agencies, branches or commercial establishments. They are only valid for individuals and companies.
  • It is essential that all the people who are going to use the passports go to the ticket office at the same time. Therefore, the passports may only be used on the date they are redeemed.
  • The passports may be redeemed during the park’s opening hours up to two hours before closure to the public. Consult the times at:
  • This benefit may not be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount, nor exchanged for cash.
  • All park health, safety and welfare rules apply, including height restrictions and health requirements for attractions (the minimum height to use at least one attraction is 70 cm).
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