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Request for the cancellation of an individual's registration and/or trade establishment 

RUES form 

Request for monetary return

Request for corrections

RUES form - Merchant's Registration renewal for individuals or legal persons with more than one year pending renewal and foreign company branch office (annex 3)

RUES form - Merchant's Registration or renewal for trade establishments, branches or agencies (annex 1)

RUES form - Solidarity economy entities and non-profit organizations (Anexo 5)

Letter requesting the registration of (physical) trade ledgers

Request for special certificates

Request for change (addresses, economic activities or names for trade establishments, branches and/or agencies)

Additional registration form for other institutions

Merchant's Registration renewal form for trade establishments, branches and agencies with more than one year pending renewal (annex 4)

RUES form Annex 2 of the RUP 

Form requesting the registration of trade ledgers (spanish version)

Request to configure the official list of subject-matter experts

The CCB's Arbitration and Conciliation Center hereby informs that at this time there are NO vacancies to fill regarding the list of subject-matter experts. In the future we will post the dates on which resumes will be received for those who wish to register as subject-matter experts working with the Arbitration and Conciliation Center in 2017.

If you wish to learn more about the requirements to be included into our list of experts, please click here.


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