Benefits of online renewals

  • Benefits apply if you renew the Merchant's Registry online between January 1st and March 31st, 2017

Individuals and companies who renew their merchant's registry or their registry, between january 1st and march 31st, 2017, will be eligible to receive the following benefits:  

When renewing their Merchant's Registry

1. Four (4) free CCB passports to the Mundo Aventura amusement park.
2. Attendance to fifteen (15) conferences free of charge. 
3. 10 % discount in short courses and seminars given by the CCB.
4. Between 10% and 20% discount on undergraduate and graduate programs at Uniempresarial.
5. The cost of the renewal form will be waived.

When renewing their registration as a Non-For-Profit Organization

1. Four (4) free CCB passports to the Mundo Aventura amusement park
2. Annual cycle of no-cost training sessions, jointly with Alianza Social Uniandina.   
3. 10% discount on the short course dubbed Management of Non-For-Profit Organizations given by the CCB.
4. Between 10% and 20% discount on undergraduate and graduate programs at Uniempresarial.
5. The cost of the renewal form will be waived.

If you renew your Single Proponents Registry (RUP), National Tourism Registry (RNT), Single National Registry of Draft Loan Operators (RUNEOL), or the registration for your civil company

1. Four (4) free CCB passports to the Mundo Aventura amusement park.

Read the terms and conditions to access these benefits

Passports to the Mundo Aventura amusement park

Mundo Aventura is the number one amusement park in Colombia, based on number of visitors. It was recently acknowledged with the Rosa de los Vientos award, by the Colombian Association of Tourism Writers and Journalists (ACOPET).

Dates for passport redemption:

During the park's business hours, between february 4th until june 23th, 2017 (april 13, 14, 15 and 16not applicable). 

Redemption process:

Five (5) work days after we have received payment for your renewal, the CCB will send you an e-mail with the access passwords and instructions to redeem your passports to Mundo Aventura. 

1. Visit: and type:

  • Your registration number and the CCB code (we recommend using Google Chrome).

2. Register the information of the individual who will redeem the passports at the park.
3. Select the type of CCB passports (family and/or child).
4. Print the PDF file and present it on ticket booths 14 or 15, if entering through the parking lot (Carrera 71D). Remember that once the passports have been redeemed, the print-out of the PDF file will cease to be valid. 

Types of CCB passports:
• Family: 8 rides.
• Child: 10 rides.

(Rides may change without warning, and they will be replaced by other similar ones).

If you wish to improve the CCB passport to a Zafiro (Sapphire) or Rubí (Ruby) passport, you will be required to pay 50% of the commercial value, or buy the Emerald passport at 30% discount.  


• Free CCB passports are NOT applicable for agencies, branch offices or trade establishments; they shall only be applicable for individuals and companies.

• All individuals who will be using the passports must be present at the ticket booth at the same time. Therefore, passports cannot be used on dates other than that on which they are redeemed.

• Passports may be redeemed during the park's regular business hours, up to two hours prior to the park's closing. You can see the park's business hours at

• This benefit is not cumulative with other promotions; it has not commercial value, and it cannot be exchanged for money.

• All of the park's safety and coexistence norms shall be applicable, including health or minimum height requirements that have been set forth for certain rides (the minimum height for at least one of the rides is 70 cm).

Discount in Uniempresarial

Uniempresarial is a Higher Education Institution recognized as a pioneer in university programs applying the dual model created in Germany. It involves the application of traditional academic training and education, combined with professional internship processes in companies from a wide variety of sectors in the national economy. 

Discounts are applicable for the legal representative, his/her collaborator or first-degree relative (only for new students).

10 % discount in undergraduate programs:
• Business administration
• Tourism administration
• Public accounting
• Finances and foreign trade
• Industrial engineering
• Software engineering
• Marketing and logistics
• International business

20 % discount for graduate programs:
• Specialization in high management
• Specialization in marketing and finance
• Specialization in international business

For more information, contact us:

Telephone: 3808000

Cell phone: 3107836042 – 3107836734 – 3107837250


Main business address: Cra 33A nro. 30-20 Bogotá, D.C.

10% discount in seminars and short-courses organized by the CCB

Learn more about the executive training programs we have available for you, and enroll enjoying a 10 % discount.

You can reach us by phone: 381 7000, or you can send us an e-mail or visit any of our business venues.

Most frequently sought after programs:

Renewal form

Entrepreneurs who renew online their merchant registration or their registration as a Non-For-Profit Organization, will have the cost of the registration form waived. Therefore, they will save $5.200 per form.  This is also applicable to trade establishments, branch offices and/or agencies.  

Diplomado: Gerencia de Entidades Sin Ánimo de Lucro

This program has been design specifically to strengthen management activities and strategic direction by the directors and management teams at Non-For-Profit Institutions.

Enroll and enjoy a 10% discount in this Certificate Course; call us at 381 7000, send us an e-mail to or visit any of our business venues.

Start Date: march 9, 2017
Duration: 80 hours
Module I. An overview of Non-For-Profit or Non-For-Loss Organizations
- Corporate Governance
- Administrative, fiscal and accounting management

Module II. Project planning, formulation and management.
- Planning with a strategic purpose
- Formulation with a tactical purpose
- Management with a practical purpose

Module III. Financial resources management for sustainability - Fund-raising
- Alternative sources for the financial sustenance of Non-For-Profit Organizations.

Module IV. Managerial skills for the effective administration of Non-For-Profit Organizations
- Digital strategies and social media
- Managerial skills test for Non-For-Profit Organizations

Para matricularse con el 10 % de descuento a este diplomado, contáctenos al teléfono 381 7000 o escríbanos al correo electrónico o acérquese a cualquiera de nuestras sedes.

Fecha de inicio: 9 marzo 2017
Duración: 80 horas

More information

Attendance to fifteen (15) conferences free of charge




Conferencia "Cómo las pymes pueden invertir efectivamente en Google y Facebook, y evaluar el retorno de la inversión"

22 february


Lanzamiento del libro: “El registro mercantil en Colombia”

15 march


Annual cycle of no-cost training sessions, jointly with Alianza Social Uniandina

For 2017 the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce and the Alianza Social Uniandina have designed a schedule of specialized training sessions free of charge for Non-For-Profit Organizations, on the following topics:




Gestión de recursos humanos para organizaciones sociales

2 march


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