Benefits of our CIEB Library for CCB Members

Discover the privileges of being a preferential client of the CCB and enjoy the multiple benefits and agreements that the library has for our members.

Financial benefits for CCB members:

• Agreement with the U-Hipertexto bookshop, which provides a 20% discount to entrepreneurs who are CCB members for the purchase of books on all topics.

• Agreement with Legis, which provides a 10% discount to entrepreneurs who are CCB members for the purchase of books on legal topics.


• More than 40,000 volumes of books and journals available to borrow
• Borrow library material from institutions we have agreements with
• Imported library material, unique in the country, on areas of interest for business people


• Free access and download of more than 7,000 specialist documents on business and enterprise, as well as economic, civic, social and legal topics.
• Online library reputation and traffic (average monthly enquiries and downloads (65.000)) 
• Inclusion of information of general interest the company produces in the online library.


• Information tailored to business people’s needs according to their interests and the macro-sector they belong to.
• Free sector information by e-mail
• Newsletter on trends in macro-sectors, clusters and other topics of interest for business people


• Reading rooms in Chapinero, plus five additional library rooms in the Restrepo offices
• Cubicles for individual or group work
• Meeting room


• “Travelling business register” to meet your company’s needs according to thematic interests and economic activity, such as support for the development of projects and decision-making in the organization.

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