Become provider of CCB

We inform all vendors and suppliers that, in accordance with Decree 862 of April 26th, 2013, you are required to provide us with an updated copy of the Single Tax Registry (Registro Único Tributario - RUT), where it is possible to verify your main economic activity. 

If, as of the date of entry into effect of said decree (April 26th, 2013) your economic activity has not been updated into the RUT, you may send us a communication signed by the company's Legal Representative, stating under oath what the company's main activity is, in accordance with the dispositions set forth under Resolution 139 of 2012, issued by DIAN. 

The following channels are available to comply with this requirement: 

1. Virtual: Via e-mail:  
2. Delivery of the physical document: Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá.
Venue: Salitre Business Centre, located at Avenida El Dorado 68D-35, 4th floor. Accounting Department (Window).
Please leave a copy as supporting document when presenting your invoice at the window

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