Take part in the call for tender to implement innovation management systems




The CCB is inviting companies in Greater Bogotá to apply for the Innovation Management Program, which provides support in creating and implementing basic innovation systems to increase competitiveness and generate value through our new products, services, processes and business models and attain greater competitiveness and sustainability for each participating company.


Minimum requirements to participate:

Be a legally constituted company with a constitution period of no less than 3 years to the date the call for tender is made.

  1. Be registered in the CCB and have a valid business registration.
  2. Have at least fifteen employees
  3. Have sales for 2018 equal to or greater than COP 800 million.
  4. Not be involved in dissolution or bankruptcy proceedings.
  5. Be up to date with payments to the social security system and payroll taxes for the last 6 months prior to the date of the current call for tender.
  6. Have no type of illegibility or inability to enter into a contract as per the provisions of the Constitution and the law.
  7. Not be certified in good innovation practices. Certification issued by the CCB and Icontec.
  8. Have completed the CCB's business diagnosis or evaluation  (spanish version) and obtained a minimum score of 75 points.
  9. Complete and submit an evaluation of the Innovation Management System's level of maturity on appendix 3 (Excel file) published at the call for tender.


You will find the terms of the call for tender and the respective attachment below:

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