Services pathway and progress in pathway

What is the suggested services pathway?

It is a set of activities or services recommended to the entrepreneur or businessperson according to the result of the previously completed evaluation or self-assessment. These services provide support in the process of maturing the business idea or company.

I have not completed my services pathway. Can I complete another evaluation or self-assessment?

Only if you have completed more than 80% of the services linked to your business pathway, can you complete a new evaluation or assessment. We invite you to register and attend the activities suggested in your services pathway, so that you can soon measure your progress in achieving the goals set for your company or business project.

For more information, you can call the customer service line (571) 3830330 or use the help chat available on the website:  

How much time is needed to complete the suggested services pathway?

There is not an established time, because this will largely depend on the time available and commitment of the entrepreneur or businessperson to attend the suggested activities and do the work required to finish. Keep in mind that if you consider that your suggested pathway is too long or short, you may edit it (reduce or increase the number of services) at the guidance session on evaluation or assessment and pathways. What matters is that you can quickly obtain results in the areas in which you have greatest need.

Does the CCB contact me to help me to progress in my services pathway?

Yes. The CCB supports you in your progress and completion of the suggested services pathway, resolving queries and helping you to register for activities. Therefore, we may contact you in person, by telephone, e-mail or text message.

What happens when I reach 80% progress in my suggested services pathway?

At this point, the final evaluation or assessment is enabled in your session. This allows you to see your evolution in the process you are carrying out as an entrepreneur or businessperson. After completing this, you can carry out a new evaluation or assessment to keep making progress on achieving your targets.

What is the closing diagnostic?

A tool that allows you to establish the degree of maturity or evolution of the business project, company or business. Each response has an assessment that gives a score. This enables you to identify the strengths and needs of your company or business project. We invite you to complete this and access the services the CCB provides.

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