Special certificates

You can now request and acquire textual, historic or negative certificates online. 


In order to use this service your computer must have an updated version of Adobe Reader (10.0.1 or higher), in addition to running the most recent version of its browser. 

Can textual certificates be downloaded from the website?

No, they will only be delivered in printed version, using stationary with the logo and information of the CCB office specified by the user in its request. 

Does this service apply to certificates issued by other chambers?

No, only special certificates from individuals registered with the CCB can be printed. 

If the confirmation e-mail containing the download notice for the special certificate is deleted or lost, how can I recover it?

You do not need the confirmation e-mail to download the historic and/or negative certificate; this can be done directly from the "Download" module in the Special Certificates service. 

What are the technical requirements my computer must meet in order to access this service to download special certificates?

We recommend browsing using Google Chrome; in order to download and view the historic and negative certificates, your computer must have Acrobat Reader 10.1 or higher installed. 

After downloading the special historic and/or negative certificate, am I required to store the file in my computer in order to verify it later?

Yes, you will need to save it in order to keep the document in your files, and to query it later. 

What information is necessary to acquire my certificate?

In order to search the registrar you need to know one of the following pieces of information:

• Identification type and number.
• Company name.
• Registration number.

In the case of historic certificates, it is important to be clear about the dates on for which a historic record of registrations is requested.

For textual certificates, it is important for the user to have all information available regarding the registration about which a textual copy is required.

Bear in mind that, if the person is not yet registered, they may go into the negative certificates option and request a negative registration certificate; for this, they will need to type in the company name or the name regarding which the information is required.

The cost of a special certificate issued through the web portal will be the same as the cost of a certificate issued at a physical customer service...

Yes, the cost is the same.

In which cases can I request a refund of my money for this service involving the issuance of special certificates through the virtual channel?

No refunds or money returns will be made for this service.  Should you experience a problem or issue, please report it to the Immediate Response Line, by calling 3830330.

Can special certificates concerning Non-For-Profit Organizations be obtained in the same way?

Yes, the certificates issued for Non-For-Profit Organizations can be obtained in the same way. 

What should I do if the recipient institution refuses to accept the certificate?

In such a case you should call our Immediate Response Line: 3830330.

I am a CCB Affiliate, how can I acquire the certificate and see my available balance?

Open the Special Certificates service, following the CCB Affiliates Circle link ; there you will find an option to send your request and query your available balance. 

If the verification process or the verification code does not work, who should the recipient institution or the user of the certificate contact?

In such a case you should call our Immediate Response Line: 3830330.

After the purchase, should I print the historic and/or negative certificate?

If you wish to print the historic or negative certificate acquired through the web portal, you are free to do it. However, bear in mind that this certificate is also fully valid in its electronic form, as per the dispositions set forth under Law 527 of 1999.

If the institution that has required the certificate does so in print form, you can give them the sheet of paper that contains the certificate information, as long as you have not yet used its verification code (remember, this code will only work once).

Once the historic and/or negative certificate has been bought through the web portal, what is my deadline to download it?

Bear in mind that the download option is only applicable for historic and negative certificates.  You will have 48 hours following its generation to download it.  If you are experiencing problems, you can call the Immediate Response Line on: 3830330.

How many certificates can be acquired?

There is no limit to the number of special certificates that can be acquired on each request. Users must remember that, once the certificates have been generated, they will be notified via e-mail, be it to download them through the Special Certificates app (for historic or negative certificates), or for them to be picked up at the CCB site chosen by the user (for the case of textual certificates).

What are the business hours to acquire special certificates?

Certificates can be requested through our portal ( www.ccb.org.co/en ) under the section dubbed "Proceedings and Queries", every day, 24 hours a day.  

What means of payment are available when buying special certificates?

Through our web portal ( www.ccb.org.co/en ), and specifically in the Special Certificates app, you will be able to acquire your certificates paying with the following means :

What is the difference between a certificate acquired at a CCB site and one purchased electronically?

There are no differences whatsoever.

All special certificates that have been requested through the virtual channel, can be requested in either print format (no matter the type of paper) at any of our sites , and historic and negative certificates will include a verification code that can be validated once, and which allows the recipients of the certificate to verify and validate the authenticity of the special certificate.

On the other hand, and with regards to textual certificates, notwithstanding whether or not they were acquired through the virtual channel or in person, the user can always visit the site selected during the process and claim the printed versions of the certificates.

What special certificates can I acquire through the CCB's web portal?

Through our portal you will be able to purchase the following types of certificates for individuals, legal persons, trade establishments, branch offices and agencies that are registered at the CCB:

Historic certificates: these documents include the historic information a company or individual has reported to the CCB according to the supporting documentation kept in our files. They are issued upon request from the interested party.

Textual certificates: these are documents through which the CCB will produce authentic copies of the registered actions, contracts and documents kept in its files. Through them, the CCB attests to the existence and contents of these types of files.

Negative certificates: they certify that the information related to the Merchant's Registrar for a business or a specific individual is NOT registered with the CCB.

Where can these certificates be purchased?

You can purchase your special certificates through our portal ( www.ccb.org.co/en ), by going to the Special Certificates service. 

What are the main changes in the Special Certificates service?

Historic and negative special certificates may also be requested through the virtual channel, and they come with a verification code that is unique to each certificate, which is printed on the top of the document. This code may be used one, through the Certificates Verification module that is in the Proceedings and Queries section of our portal.

This way, the recipient of a special certificate will be able to verify the authenticity of the document that has been provided, ensuring that it matches the one issued by the CCB.

Regarding textual certificates, the main difference is the online channel has now been activated for their purchase.

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