Shared Value

What are the advantages of participating in the Cluster Initiatives?

Participating in the Cluster Initiatives facilitates spaces for entrepreneurs to meet and network, finding synergies with universities, governments and other entrepreneurs, as a means to improve their business strategies and the investment environment in Bogota and the region. 

Some of the benefits are:

• Finding solutions to common problems, through collective intelligence.
• Creating and developing joint projects with public and private stakeholders.
• Expanding the body of knowledge about the business.
• Strengthening collaborative work.
• Developing programs to improve corporate competitiveness.
• Taking part in networking events, workshops and business rounds.
• Aligning the academic offering to the enterprise needs.
• Articulating supply and demand.
• Promoting the development of Shared Value initiatives.
• Influencing the development of public policies to improve the business environment.

How do the cluster initiatives work?

The following institutional elements have been defined in order to promote the projects developed under the Cluster Initiative:

An Expanded Council. It is an open space to socialize the strategy and progress made by the Cluster Initiative, with participation from all stakeholders. They are held twice per year.

An Executive Committee. It is a body that directs the actions of the Cluster Initiative, advising on the development of projects. It is comprised by members of the enterprise sector, the academia and the Government.

Work tables. They group stakeholders together for purposes of project analysis and execution. Each Cluster Initiative has different work tables, which study different matters such as productivity, marketing and sales, institutional relations, human talent, research, technological development and innovation, regulations, among others. These tables generate projects for the creation of enterprise networks.

Technical Secretary. It accompanies and articulates the efforts made by the stakeholders in the Cluster Initiative related to the development of the projects and activities that have been prioritized; it is led by the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce.

Who can participate in the Cluster Initiatives?

All companies and supporting institutions which perform activities related to the sector; the main goal is to have a disposition to work in collaboration, becoming more competitive. 

What Cluster Initiatives are being led by the CCB?
What are the Cluster Development Initiatives?

The Cluster Development Initiatives are organized efforts that seek to promote growth and competitiveness by the clusters in the region, with participation from companies, the Government and related institutions.  The goal is for the stakeholders who participate in the Cluster Initiative to work jointly in the improvement of the strategies and operations of their companies, optimizing the cluster's business environment, and strengthening the networks in order to promote positive external interactions and achieve greater benefits for the companies. 

What are the clusters and where are they located?

Clusters: they are conceived as a concentration of companies and institutions, interconnected based on the economic activities they conduct, which are also in geographic proximity with each other. The stakeholders in a cluster work jointly and in collaboration to identify and improve their economic, environmental and social conditions. They are a way of turning the principles of good governance into a reality.

The Bogotá Region has numerous examples of this, such as the furniture sector in the 12 de Octubre and 1ero de Mayo sectors; the shoe district in Restrepo; the computing equipment and devices stores in Unilago; the automotive repair and customization workshops in the 7 de Agosto sector; the graphic arts sector in Ricaurte; the jewelry are in downtown Bogotá; the gastronomy sector in Zona G; flowers in the outskirts of the city, and the dairy industries in Ubaté and Sopó.

How is shared value generated?

Creating shared value means launching initiatives that have the dual purpose of providing profits and creating value in the business community from the beginning.

What is Shared Value?

They are enterprise practices which increase business competitiveness, while improving social, environmental and economic conditions in the communities they operate in.  

What is the importance of creating shared value for the CCB?

Shared value: is understood as maximizing companies' profits by creating economic, social and environmental value among its stakeholders.  

¿Cómo puedo acceder a una Iniciativa de desarrollo de Cluster?

Ingrese a sección "Fortalezca su empresa" y haga clic en "Clusters" para conocer las iniciativas que tiene la CCB, una vez identifique la iniciativa en la que desea participar selecciónela, al ingresar, dé clic en la opción "regístrese" y siga las instrucciones que el sistema le proporciona.

Para mayor información, consulte los beneficios de acceder a alguna de las iniciativas clúster que tiene la CCB, ingrese aquí

También puede comunicarse con la línea de atención al cliente 3830330 / #383 para resolver dudas o inquietudes.

¿Cómo participo en las Iniciativas de desarrollo de Clusters y qué le implica a mi empresa participar?

Se remite al usuario a la página para que consulte el apartado cluster, donde podrá consultar los beneficios e implicaciones de pertenecer a un cluster. Al ingresar directamente al cluster de su elección en la parte inferior del mismo podrá consultar el proceso para generar su respectivo registro.

¿La CCB expide un certificado por participar en las Iniciativas de desarrollo de Clusters?

Se le aclara al usuario que este tipo de actividades no son certificables por la CCB.

¿Empresas de la región o fuera de la jurisdicción de CCB se pueden vincular a las Iniciativas de desarrollo de Cluster?

No, los clusters están enfocados de forma regional para así fomentar el crecimiento de la industria en cuestión que se esté trabajando.

¿Cualquier funcionario dentro de la empresa puede participar en las actividades de las Iniciativas de desarrollo de Clusters?

Se remite al usuario a radicar un Escríbanos en nuestra página. Ya que depende del área encargada el socializar la importancia del evento a desarrollar.

¿Las acciones de valor compartido se certifican?

Se orienta en la página de la CCB para que consulte el apartado de Valor Compartido donde podrá consultar la información sobre eventos y el premio al valor compartido evento diseñado para dar un reconocimiento a las empresas participantes. Se aclara que este tipo de actividad no genera una certificación.