Unified Commercial and Social Registry Form (RUES)

How do you complete the form?

The easiest way to renew your registration is by logging on to our Online services - Unified Commercial and Social Registry (RUES) - Merchant's certificate and ESAL renewal, by simply clicking on see more. There, you will find a guide to complete your process online, saving costs for stationery and travel. 

If you wish to complete the printed form, follow the instructions available on the forms attached to the document.

For more information, call our Immediate Response Line: 3830330.

Why is the new form missing the activity description next to the ISIC code?

Because the new ISIC code version 4 A.C. allows it, seeking to facilitate processing for entrepreneurs. This new RUES form structure is supported by article 63 of Decree 19 of 2012. Now, you only need to state your ISIC code with no description.

How do you fill in the financial information?

Financial information should be filled in by simply following the instructions in the RUES form (Sheet 2: Instructions).

What depreciation should I compensate for? Is it the same as that which was reported in the income statement?

You must report the amount for depreciation / amortization that is included in the company's income statement. If you do not have this amount in the balance statement of your company, you should leave it blank.

Can net fixed assets be larger than the fixed assets? Are there returns for this?

No. Net fixed assets must be equal to or less than fixed assets, given that the net fixed assets form part of the fixed assets account. Not completing this field does not result in a return.

Why is the email required to complete the form?

The CCB may contact you directly through your email account to inform you of any news concerning your registration or aspects that may be relevant to your company's development.

We have given your email address the status of institutional policy in order improve our communication service. Therefore, completing said field is necessary.

Do I have to pay for two renewals when I have commercial establishments?

A renewal fee must be paid for each Merchant's Certificate. Therefore, if you have one registration for the company (natural or legal person) and one registration for the establishment, you must pay two renewals.

Renewing an establishment uses a price table that is different from that of a company, therefore renewing an establishment tends to be cheaper.

If I print the renewal form at my company, do I have to pay for the form at the CCB offices?

Yes. The only way to not pay the amount for the renewal form is to complete this process online.

For the Unified Offeror Registry, should the accountant certification for point 7 of the form be attached? (Size of the company)

Yes. It is required by CCB to determine the hiring capacity of a company.

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