Merchant's Certificate

What is the CCB’s jurisdiction?

Bogotá, D.C., Arbeláez, Cabrera, Cajicá, Cáqueza, Carmen de Garupa, Chía, Chipaque, Choachí, Chocontá, Cogua, Cota, Cucunubá, Fómeque, Fosca, Fúquene, Fusagasugá, Gachalá, Gachetá, Guasca, Guatavita, Gutiérrez, Junín, La Calera, Lenguazaque, Machetá, Manta, Medina, Nemocón, Ospina Pérez, Pandi, Pasca, Quetame, Rafael Reyes, San Bernardo, Sesquilé, Sibaté, Silvania, Simijaca, Soacha, Sopó, Suesca, Susa, Sutatausa, Tabio Tausa, Tenjo, Tibacuy, Tiribitá, Tocancipá, Ubalá, Ubaque, Ubaté, Une, Gama, Guachetá, Villapinzón y Zipaquirá. See more  for information.

What is the deadline to renew the merchant's certificate?

Renewal of the merchant's certificate must be performed within the first three months of each year. That is, until March 31st. Do it early online, and avoid last-minute issues.

What financial information should I report when renewing the merchant's certificate?

In order to renew the merchant's certificate in a given year, you must take into account the financial information as of December 31 of the preceding year. If you do not have the final balance, you can use the test balance and once you have the final, submit it for the respective resettlement and update. 

What documents should I submit to renew my merchant's certificate?

You must only submit the renewal form  signed by the legal representative or owner.

Where can I pay for the merchant's certificate renewal?

Payment for the renewal of the merchant's certificate can be done at any of our offices by cash, check, debit or credit card, or through our CCB online services .

Which assets are taken into account when calculating the amount to pay for renewing the merchant's certificate?

The calculation of the amount to pay when renewing the merchant's certificate takes the value of the total assets into account. 

How do you renew the merchant's certificate when previous years are owed?

Renew online through our portal


If you wish to renew in person, you must submit the merchant's certificate or renewal form for natural or legal persons and foreign company branches for the last year to be renewed, at any of the the CCB offices . For previous years, you must submit the merchant's certificate renewal form with over one year pending renewal, natural or legal persons foreign company branches for the merchant and the merchant's certificate renewal form with over one year pending renewal commercial establishments, branches or agencies. 

Can you obtain extensions or discounts for renewing the merchant's certificate?

No. The renewal of the merchant's certificate is an obligation that has no exceptions or exemptions of any kind, in accordance with the provisions in the Código de Comercio (spanish version) and Decree 898 of 2002.

What are sanctions are there for not renewing the merchant's certificate?

Failure to comply with the legal obligation to renew the merchant's certificate within the time limit established by law can result in pecuniary sanctions imposed by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce. Also, local authorities can require this and even have the establishment closed down for not having the registration up to date.

What should I do to register company appointments?

The document of appointment should be submitted, signed by the secretary and chairman of the body that met, which must meet all of the formalities provided for in articles 163, 164 and 189 of the Código de Comercio. In addition, the letter of acceptance from those appointed must be submitted. When submitting the document, the amount payable will be determined, including registration fees and the registration tax, which is settled for each appointment.

What do I have to do to register reforms by term extension, amendments to the capital, extension of the social purpose, extension of powers...

The reform document must be submitted, including the requirements set forth in article 189 of the Código de Comercio  (spanish version). The registration tax must also be paid, plus registration fees, whose amount will be determined at the time of filing the document with the Chamber of Commerce. If the company was incorporated by private document pursuant to Law 1014 of 2006, the reform can be done by private document unless the bylaws state otherwise. 

What happens if the NIT information is already included in the merchant certificates registered at the chambers of commerce?

It is important for registered merchants to check if the NIT number that appears on their certificate is correct. If so, they do not have to file a new report. If it is wrong, they should correct by way of a written letter with a photocopy of the NIT or document issued by the DIAN. 

What do I have to do to register the cancellation of the merchant's certificate of my commercial establishment as a natural person?

You must submit the request at any of the CCB's offices, after paying the legal fees, verifying that the registration is renewed. This procedure can be done by the natural person or owner of the commercial establishment. 

What is the cost of including the NIT number in the merchant's certificate information once the stakeholder has reported it?

Through the change of address form found at the CCB offices , which must be completed by the legal representative or natural person. In this case the respective fees must be paid.  

How is the change of address of a legal or natural person registered?

Through a change of address form that is found at CCB offices . This document must be completed by the legal representative or natural person and must be submitted in person or have an authenticated and acknowledged signature. In this case it is essential to pay the respective fees

How do I change the name of a commercial establishment?

Using the commercial establishment name change form found at CCB offices , which must be completed by the legal representative or natural person and must be submitted in person or must have the authenticated signature and content acknowledgement from a notary public, judge or secretary of the Chamber of Commerce.

What should I do to register new books?

Fill out the form for registering books, which must be signed by the legal representative or the natural person merchant, it must include the certification of completion for the previous book, issued by tax auditor or certified public accountant. Otherwise, it is essential to bring the previous book. Both require payment of the respective fees. 

I lost the books. What should I do to register new ones?

Fill out the form for registering books, which must be signed by the legal representative or the natural person; an authenticated copy of the complaint must be submitted, which must have at least have the information about the lost book, such as the destination of the book and CCB registration number; bring the new books and pay the registration fees. 

Should the same code be kept for the continuation of a book that is already registered or it can be changed?

If the incoming book has consecutive numbering with respect to the previous book, it should keep the name and code assigned, but if the consecutive numbering is not maintained, both the code and the name of the book may change.

Where can I report the loss of the merchant's books?

In the case of lost books, you can file the complaint at any complaints unit of the National Police. If there is evidence that a crime has been committed, the complaint must be filed with the Office of the Prosecutor General.

Can sole proprietorship be transformed into a company through a private document?

No, in accordance with Law 222 of 1995, article 77, as sole proprietorships transform into companies, they must do so through a public deed.

What is the difference between a civil company and a commercial company?

The civil or commercial nature of a company is based on its corporate purpose. If the purpose of a company is civil under the terms of article 23 of the Código de Comercio (spanish version) it will be civil. The main difference between one and the other is that commercial companies must be registered in the mercantile registry, while civil companies do not have this possibility. 

What documents are required to incorporate a Non-Profit Organization (ESAL)?

A private document of incorporation or otherwise the certificate from City Hall for entities incorporated prior to 1995. These documents must meet the requirements set forth in article 40 of Decree 2150 of 1995. The single business file documents must also be attached, as well as any additional records with other entities and the DIAN's pre-RUT. 

How do you renew a third party's merchant's certificate?

Through a legal representative (lawyer) who must submit a power of attorney.

When are homonyms considered to exist?

Homonyms imply the existence of two merchants (natural persons, commercial companies or commercial establishments) with identical names, regardless of the legal nature (S.A., Ltda.) or names reserved for financial or common institutions without reservation for use by the general public. There are no homonyms when two names are similar. 

Can the branch of a foreign company open commercial agencies or establishments?

This cannot be done because the branches of a foreign company are considered commercial establishments.

How is an agrarian transformation company incorporated?

They must meet the requirements for incorporating companies. The only special requirement is that the incorporation should always be done through a public deed. 

How do you register the opening of a foreign company branch office?

In order for a foreign company to do permanent businesses in Colombia, it must formalize through a notary public the documents described in Guide number 10 in  see more .

How do you register appointments, re-elections and resignations?

Registration must be done by submitting a copy of the document at any of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá offices fulfilling the requirements contained in the guide. The copy submitted for registration must be completely legible, in order to ensure its reproduction using technical means. Keep in mind that the original document must be kept in the entity's books. Click on Guide number 6 in  see more  for more information.

How do you incorporate and register an Associative Labor Company (EAT)?

An associative labor company can be incorporated with the following documents: a) A document of incorporation together with the by-laws: associates can hold a meeting where the decision to create associative labor company is made, a document called the incorporation assembly letter shall be created, see Guide number 20 in see more .

If I renew online, can I enter my company's financial information using decimals?


Can I renew a registration that is located in another city?

Yes, in person at any of the CCB offices.

How do you register the opening of a branch office?

In order to sign up and register a branch office for a national company, submit the documents listed in Guide number 8 in  see more .

How do you register amendments to the subscribed and paid capital of stock companies?

You must determine whether it is an increase or a decrease in the subscribed and paid capital. See Guide number 21 in  see more .

How do I request the password for online transactions?

Request your password by visiting our Transactions and Consultations section and then select the option Online services password request. Click here  to request the password for online transactions. 

If I am a natural person, what number should I place in the field for identification in the merchant's certificate renewal form?

If you are a natural person only the number from your citizenship card, identification card, foreign residency card or passport is valid. The NIT should not be placed in the identification field.  

Where can I request the forms to renew my registration?

At our offices . We recommend that you perform this procedure easily through our online services .  

What are the advantages of maintaining the merchant's certificate up to date?

  • It certifies your status as an active merchant and as compliant with your obligations.
  • Your status as a merchant is public.
  • It facilitates commercial relations with clients or credit institutions.
  • It contributes to business development, coexistence and conflict resolution programs and the development of Bogotá and its Region.

Click on see more  for more information.

Must the merchant appear personally to perform the merchant's certificate renewal?

It is not necessary. What is required is that the forms be completed with updated information and duly signed by the legal representative or registered party. It can also be done through our website at  online services .  

How can I change the information recorded in the online renewal?

In person at any of our offices, through the resettlement procedure.  

What documents should I submit for renewal?

Only the duly completed renewal form. Remember that you can renew using our web site ( online services ).  

How do you incorporate and register a sole proprietorship or EU?

Incorporating a sole proprietorship is formal, as it must be done in writing, i.e. by way of a private document or a public deed and strictly subject to the rules set forth in article 72 of Law 222 of 1995. Look up the documents you need to incorporate a sole proprietorship by simply clicking on  see more  (Guide number 24).

Must the RUT be updated in order to renew?


When can I request an updated certificate?

At the offices of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, if the renewal is done in person, 48 working hours after its filing.

How do I cancel the merchant's certificate of a legal person?

The decision to dissolve the company must be approved at a board of partners, associates, or at a shareholders meeting. Ass applicable, a document will be drawn stating the amendment adopted and the grounds for dissolution. This document must comply with the formal requirements that the law determines and should carry the same formality as the company's document of incorporation (private document or public deed, depending on how the company was incorporated). The dissolution process generates a registration tax which corresponds to 4 legal daily minimum wages in effect plus registration fees corresponding to $30,000, which are paid only by cashier's check, cash or debit card, and the exact amount will be determined by the cashier directly (CCB offices).  

How should I complete the Economic Activity Code (ISIC) in the renewal form fields?

The single file must contain the first 4 digits of the ISIC code, without the initial letter. On the Commercial Registry annex, in the field for commercial establishment, place the letter and the 6 digits of the ISIC code as it appears in the economic activity classification booklet. Note: The classification booklet for the ISIC code is available at any of our offices or on our website, following the path:  online services .

If I am not carrying out any business activities, should I renew every year?

Yes, you should; as long as the registration has not been cancelled, you must renew it annually. Remember to keep yourself in good standing with the district, municipal departmental or national tax authorities, as the case may be. 

If I cancel my merchant's certificate, must I renew for the respective year?

If you cancel the merchant's certificate before March 31 of the current year, you must only renew up to the previous year if you have not done so, otherwise, you must renew until the present year.

How do you incorporate and register a company?

Companies are incorporated by public deed or private document and they constitute a legal person separate from its associates. Companies that are incorporated must register at the Chamber of Commerce that has jurisdiction in the place agreed upon as the corporate address and the letter of creation must be registered with the respective mercantile registry. If you wish to learn how to register a company, we encourage you to read Guide number 5, simply by clicking on  see more .

What does the commercial registry and/or merchant's certificate consist of?

The Commercial Registry allows all entrepreneurs to engage in any commercial activity and publicly certify their status as a merchant. Also, the commercial registry allows entrepreneurs to access key information to expand their portfolio of potential customers and suppliers. The merchant's certificate is public evidence of the merchant's status as such, as it makes business owners visible to potential clients searching the records.  It includes general information about merchants and companies.  Click on  see more  for more information.

How do you register a commercial establishment?

Purchase the establishment registration form at any of our offices or through this web site ( online services ), complete and submit it. Lastly, make sure that there is on other establishment with the same name you chose. Click on  see more  for more information (Guide number 2).

How does a natural person register?

At any of the offices of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, or through  online services  on our website, purchase the following forms: RUT, Single Business File, Register with other entities. Click on  see more  for more information (Guide number 1).    

How do you register the dissolution and liquidation of a company?

Civil and commercial companies dissolve by means of public deed. The decisions to dissolve branches of foreign company are formalized in a public deed before a notary public, along with the copy of the documents set forth in the law. There are other entities that can be dissolved by private document or by a letter containing the dissolution. Among others, there are: sole proprietorship, single-member and multi-member companies, companies created by virtue of Law 1014 of 2006 and associative labor companies. Click on  see more  for more information (Guide number 7).

How do you renew the merchant's certificate?

Easily, quickly and safely renew your merchant's certificate through this website in our section: Online services, where can also see how much you must pay. If you wish, with your purchase order generated online, you can make your payment at the CCB offices, at authorized banks. Remember that you must have an  online services  password.

In order to register, renew or update the RUP, you must have the merchant's certificate renewed.

When carrying out any of these three steps, you must have your registration renew, given that the financial information is compared with that which is reported in the Commercial Registry. However, during the first three months of the year, this information shall not be compared with the Commercial Registry, since the deadline for renewing is March 31. If during this period, the proposer already renewed, the reported information must be consistent with that which was submitted in the Unified Offeror Registry and in the financial statements.     

Can a newly registered provider manage its procedures virtually?

The business registration of individuals who carry out business or merchant activities, as well as their business establishments, can be carried out using the virtual services.

Once the business registration procedure is completed, they can carry out all other virtual procedures online.

How do I register in the CCB?

1. Identify the economic activity you will carry out.
2. Define the number of individuals involved.
3. You can choose the type of company depending on the decision to perform individually or with two or more persons.

For further information click  here .

What are the benefits of being registered in the CCB?

1. You acquire legal status and a business identity with regard to other companies.
2. You can do business easily with other companies or individuals given the conditions of existence and legal representation offered by the Business Registration.
3. You can access the broad portfolio of business support services offered by the CCB.
4. A registered company has the legal support provided by the documentation kept by the CCB when the company registers.

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