Cooperatives and Employee Funds

What does the registration of solidarity economy consist of and what procedures must I carry out?

The procedures for registering the solidarity sector (associated labor cooperatives and pre-cooperatives) are:

a) Incorporating a non-profit entities as covered by Law 454 of 1998, as well as its reforms, dissolution, liquidation and providences relating to these acts;

(b) Designation, removal or reversal of administrators or tax auditors, as well as the dispositions relating to these acts;

(c) Registration of the special certificate issued by the Superintendence of the Solidarity Economy in the event of being registered in said Superintendence;

(d) documents requiring registration under the law. Click see more  for more information. 

Solidarity economy entities

According to the activities they carry out, they are divided into: specialized, multiactive, comprehensive, financial cooperatives, cooperatives with a savings and credit section, pre-cooperatives, employee funds, mutual associations. See the full list by simply clicking on  see more .

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