Public Registries

How is an agrarian transformation company incorporated?

They must meet the requirements for incorporating companies. The only special requirement is that the incorporation should always be done through a public deed.  

Does all the information on location and general aspects need to be included?

With updated information we can contact you to tell you about subjects of interest and potential business opportunities. Also, an address is mandatory for service of process.  

How is the management contract registered?

The contract must be registered at the chamber of commerce with jurisdiction over the location where the commercial establishment is registered. All information is available under Guide number 4, clicking on  more .

What does the public Registry for citizen oversight consist of?

This registry is for the various organizations that oversee public management, regarding administrative, political, judicial, electoral, legislative authorities and control bodies, as well as public or private entities, non-governmental organizations on a national or international level that operate in the country, charged with executing a program, project, contract or providing a public service. Click on  see more  for more information.

What does the registration of solidarity economy consist of and what procedures must I carry out?

The procedures needed to register the solidarity sector (associated labor cooperatives and pre-cooperatives) are: 

a) Incorporation of non-profit organizations as described under Law 454 of 1998 and its subsequent reforms, dissolution, liquidation and dispositions related to these acts.   

b) Appointment, removal or renewal of administrators or tax auditors, as well as dispositions related to these acts. 

c) Registration of the special certificate issued by the Superintendence of Solidarity Economy in cases where such record exists at said Superintendence. 

d) Acts requiring registration under the law. 

Click on see more  for more information.

What are the economic activities corresponding to the National Public Registry for natural and legal persons participating in the gaming and gambli...

The economic activities that correspond to the National Public Registry for natural and legal persons participating in the gaming and gambling industry are: gambling activities, casinos, lottery and betting agencies, games of skill, ability, knowledge, strength and recreational activities. Click on see more  for more information.

How do you register an acquisition contract with a reservation of title?

Pursuant to the issuance of Law 1676 of 2013 and Decree 400 of 2014, chambers of commerce have lost the authority to register the following documents:

a. Pledge contracts.
b. Trust agreements.
c. Acquisition contracts with reservation of title (the other instances of acquisitions without a reservation of title clause must be registered at the CCB).

Therefore, documents that contain pledge agreements must be registered with the Confederation of Chambers of Commerce - Confecámaras, through the web page .

How do you register a pledge contract without creditor holding?

Pursuant to the issuance of Law 1676 of 2013 and Decree 400 of 2014, chambers of commerce have lost the authority to register the following documents:

a. Pledge contracts.
b. Trust agreements.
c. Acquisition contracts with reservation of title (the other instances of acquisitions without a reservation of title clause must be registered at the CCB).

Therefore, documents that contain pledge agreements must be registered with the Confederation of Chambers of Commerce - Confecámaras, through the web page: .

How do you register embargos and the lifting of embargos that affect assets subject to the Commercial Registry?

Registration must be done by submitting the original, or copy authenticated by a notary public, to any of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá offices fulfilling the requirements contained in Guide number 17 in see more . The copy submitted for registration must be completely legible, in order to ensure its reproduction using technical means. 

How do you register corporate group and control situations?

You must register by submitting a private document signed by the legal representative of the controlling natural or legal person, duly acknowledged before a judge or notary public or with proof of original record before the official designated by the Chamber of Commerce within 30 days after having configured the control situation. Find more information on what this document should contain in Guide number 22 in see more .

What is the National Tourism Registry (RNT)?

All providers of tourism services that conduct their operations in Colombia. should be registered in the RNT. This registration is required for operation, and must be updated on a yearly basis. Click on  see more  for more information.

How do you register the commercial agency contract?

The commercial agency contract must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce that has jurisdiction where the activities will be executed and where the contract was signed. Look up the requirements in Guide number 14 in  see more .

If I want to renew online, how do I obtain the key?

Log on to online services and select password request for online services. Click on  see more  to access online services (spanish version).

Can the branch of a foreign company open commercial agencies or establishments?

This cannot be done because the branches of a foreign company are considered commercial establishments.

How do you register the opening of a national company agency?

In order to sign up and register an agency, submit the listed documents and take the recommendations described therein into account. See Guide number 9 in  see more  for more information.

What is the difference between a civil company and a commercial company?

The civil or commercial nature of a company is based on its corporate purpose. If the corporate purpose of a company is civil, in the terms of article 23 of the Código de Comercio (spanish version), it will be civil. The main difference between one and the other is that commercial companies must be registered in the Mercantile Registry, while civil companies do not have this possibility.  

Are temporary joint ventures and consortia required to register with the chambers of commerce?

Consortia and temporary joint ventures are not registered in the Commercial Registry maintained by the chambers of commerce, because they do not form a legal person.

How are mergers and spin-offs registered?

See Guide number 18 on How to register mergers and spin-offs in see more .

How can I check the status of my transaction?

Log on to our web page and go to online services and select transaction status. Click on  see more  to check the status of your transaction (spanish version). 

What does the Registry of private, foreign, non-profit entities consist of?

This registry applies to private, foreign legal persons, and foreign non-profit Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) located abroad, that establish permanent businesses or that wish to carry out their operations in Colombia, where they must register the appointment of attorneys with the power to represent them legally.

What documents are required to incorporate a Non-Profit Organization?

A private document of incorporation or otherwise the certificate from City Hall for entities incorporated prior to 1995. These documents must meet the requirements set forth in article 40 of Decree 2150 of 1995.

The single business file documents must also be attached, as well as any additional records with other entities and the DIAN's pre-RUT.

How do you register the acquisition of an establishment?

The contract must be registered with the chamber of commerce with jurisdiction over the location where the commercial establishment operates, see Guide number 3 in see more . If the commercial establishment is located in Bogotá or in the municipalities listed in the Guide number 25 ( see more ), it shall be registered with any of the offices of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá or through the Unified Commercial and Social Registry (RUES) at any chambers of commerce in the country.

What is the ISIC code for the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá?

The code is 9111.  

How do you register by-law reforms?

In order to register, you must submit copy of the deed or document or record containing the decision to reform the by-laws, duly approved, at any of our offices of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, meeting the requirements outlined in the Guide number 16 in  see more . The copy submitted for registration must be completely legible, in order to ensure its reproduction using technical means. Note that the original document or the record should be kept in the Entity's files.  

What are Simplified Joint Stock Companies?

Simplified Joint Stock Companies are regulated according to Law 1258 of 2008. Said company may be comprised of one or more natural or legal persons who shall only be liable for the amount of their respective contributions. Except as otherwise provided in article 42 of the present law, the shareholder or shareholders are not liable for labor, tax or any other type of obligations that the company might incur.  

Click on  see more  for more information on simplified stock companies in Guide number 28.  

Can a company's administrator or legal representative register his or her resignation directly with the CCB?

Yes they can, but under the effects of Ruling C-621 of 2003 of the Constitutional Court, which states that administrators or representatives may only withdraw from the certificate of existence and legal representation when new appointments or due to their removal.  

How do you transfer an establishment?

Through a private document or deed stating what establishment is designated for transfer and stating the legal business that supports the operation (acquisition, donation, and others). This transaction assumes payment for registration fees by each seller or buyer as well as for the registration tax, which originates from the value of the legal business or if there is no amount it is done free of charge. Also, when applicable, the payment of withholding at source. For more information, see Guide number 3 in  see more .  

I lost the books. What should I do to register new ones?

Fill out the form for registering books, which must be signed by the legal representative or the natural person; an authenticated copy of the complaint must be submitted, which must have at least have the information about the lost book, such as the destination of the book and CCB registration number; bring the new books and pay the registration fees. 

How do you register appointments in non-profit organizations?

Submit a copy of the document containing the decision, duly approved, at any of the offices of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, that meets the requirements described in see more. The copy that is sent must be completely legible, in order to ensure its reproduction using technical means. Keep in mind that the original document must be kept in the entity's files. See the requirements and steps needed for registration in more .

Where can I report the loss of the merchant's books?

In the case of lost books, you can file the complaint at any complaints unit of the National Police. If there is evidence that a crime has been committed, the complaint must be filed with the Office of the Prosecutor General.  

Should the same code be kept for the continuation of a book that is already registered or it can be changed?

If the incoming book has consecutive numbering with respect to the previous book, it should keep the name and code assigned, but if the consecutive numbering is not maintained, both the code and the name of the book may change.   

What does the Registry of Non-profit Organizations consist of?

By registering non-profit organizations (ESAL) the situation of non-profit legal persons is made public. These persons register their incorporation and register the documents determined by law at the chambers of commerce. As with the other records, anyone can examine the books that are submitted, obtain copy of documents kept on record and request certifications on the registrations made.

What is the Unified Offeror Registry (RUP)?

It is a record of legal establishment in which all natural or legal persons, national and foreign domiciled or with branch offices in Colombia must register, when aspiring to enter into contracts with government agencies. The RUP contains information related to the likely experience, the legal and financial capacity, and the organization of the proponent. The proponents shall be classified in accordance with the contracts they aspire to enter into with the government.

How should I complete the economic activity code (ISIC) in the Renewal Form fields?

The classification chart for the ISIC code can be viewed at any of our branches or on our website under the Online services section. Click on  see more  to visit the Online services section.

How do I change the name of a commercial establishment?

You must fill out the form for name changes, which must be completed by the legal representative or natural person and it must be submitted in person or must have the authenticated signature and content acknowledgement from a notary public, judge or secretary of the Chamber of Commerce. The form is also active on our website. 

Can sole proprietorship be transformed into a company through a private document?

No, in accordance with Law 222 of 1995, article 77, as sole proprietorships transform into companies, they must do so through a public deed.

When is it mandatory to have a tax auditor in a non-profit organization?

This obligation is in place for foundations and cooperatives whose equity exceeds 500 minimum wages.

What does the Commercial Registry and/or Merchant's Certificante consist of?

The Commercial Registry allows all entrepreneurs to undertake any commercial activity and to publicly accredit their status as merchants. Furthermore, the Commercial Registry allows business owners to have access to key information to expand their portfolio of potential clients and vendors. The Merchant's Certificate is public evidence of the merchant's status as such, as it makes business owners visible to potential clients searching the records.  It contains information on the general data of the merchants and companies. Click on  see more  for more information.

What do I have to do to register the cancellation of my establishment's registration as a natural person?

You must submit the request at any of the CCB's offices, after paying the legal fees, verifying that the registration is renewed. This procedure can be done by the natural person or owner of the commercial establishment.

How is the change of address of a legal or natural person registered?

Through a change of address form that is found at CCB offices . This document must be completed by the legal representative or natural person and must be submitted in person or have an authenticated and acknowledged signature. In this case it is essential to pay the respective fees.

When are homonyms considered to exist?

Homonyms imply the existence of two merchants (natural persons, commercial companies or commercial establishments) with identical names, regardless of the legal nature (S.A., Ltda.) or names reserved for financial or common institutions without reservation for use by the general public. There are no homonyms when two names are similar.   

What should I do to register company appointments?

The document of appointment should be submitted, signed by the secretary and chairman of the body that met, which must meet all of the formalities provided for in articles 163, 164 and 189 of the Código de Comercio (spanish version).

In addition, the letter of acceptance from those appointed must be submitted. When submitting the document, the amount payable will be determined, including registration fees and the registration tax, which is settled for each appointment.

What do I have to do to register reforms by term extension, amendments to the capital, extension of the social purpose, extension of powers o chang...

The reform must be submitted, including the requirements set forth in article 189 of the Código de Comercio (spanish version).  

The registration tax must also be paid, plus registration fees, whose amount will be determined at the time of filing the document with the Chamber of Commerce. If the company was incorporated by private document pursuant to Law 1014 of 2006, the reform can be done by private document unless the bylaws state otherwise.   

What documents should I submit to renew my Merchant's Certificate?

Only the duly completed renewal form. Remember that you can renew online through our online services by clicking on  see more .  

What means of payment can be used?

Learn information about means of payment

How do I register a company?

Regardless of whether you decide to operate as an individual (with one or more commercial establishments) or as any kind of company that exists in Colombia, you can register as a merchant at the CCB by completing the Business and Social Registry (RUES, for the Spanish original) forms and paying the registration fees established by law. If you or the majority of the company partners are less than 35 years old, you can register at no cost, provided that you meet the requirements established in Law 1780 of 2016. The assigned registration number shall accredit you as a business professional and for carrying out your business activity.

If you register as a company, you must additionally submit the respective document of incorporation of the company (bylaws), which must comply with the law for the respective company type selected, paying the applicable registration fees in the public registry, plus the respective registration tax for the Departmental Government of Cundinamarca and the Capital District if the company operates in Bogotá.

You can register for your merchant’s certificate, either as an individual or as a company, together with the registration of your respective commercial establishments, branches or agencies with which you can start your business activity, in person at any of our 12 offices or online at our electronic office ( ). 

Remember that this registration generates the first obligation to annually renew the assigned merchant’s certificate, as well as the tax and payroll payments required by law according to your economic activity or selected operating model.

Where can I request my electronic certificates?

The CCB issues electronic certificates, which you can acquire at any of our 12 offices or online at our electronic office ( ). 

If you acquire them at our offices, we will deliver them with a printed copy of the electronic certificate issued, which may be consulted and validated a single time in our electronic office ( ). 

¿Cuáles son los nuevos campos del formulario RUES?

Los nuevos campos que serán diligenciados en el formato adicional son:

• Género.
• Número de mujeres empleadas en la empresa.
• Número de mujeres en cargos directivos.
• Porcentaje de participación de mujeres en el capital social.
• Actividad económica por la que se percibió mayores ingresos.

¿Cuáles son las características de la clave virtual?

• La clave virtual se asigna únicamente al representante legal o matriculado con cédula de ciudadanía o extranjería.
• Para asignar clave a personas con cédula de extranjería, esta debe contar con historial crediticio.
• La clave debe contener mínimo 8 caracteres, ser alfanumérica y debe incluir al menos una letra mayúscula.

¿Cómo se puede recuperar la clave virtual?

Si, para esto se deben responder las dos preguntas de seguridad, de acuerdo con lo indicado al momento de asignar de la clave.

¿La descripción de la actividad económica es uno de los campos obligatorios para la renovación de las personas naturales y establecimientos de come...


¿Es obligatorio diligenciar todos los campos de la información financiera?


¿Cuál es el beneficio de la Ley 1780 de 2016 / Ley de Emprendimiento Juvenil?

Los comerciantes beneficiarios de la Ley 1780, se encuentran exentos del pago de la tarifa de renovación para el primer año, si declaran que mantienen el cumplimiento de los requisitos de edad, número de empleados, valor de activos, pago de impuestos, de nómina y contribuciones al sistema de seguridad social, y si presenta los estados financieros correspondientes debidamente firmados.

¿Qué se entiende por matrícula inactiva?

Son aquellas que no han realizado la renovación o la inscripción de actos en un término de tres (3) años o más. 

Para la activación de la matrícula, el empresario debe acercarse al subdirector de la sede presencial con el fin de adelantar el procedimiento correspondiente.

¿Sobre qué valor se hace la liquidación de la matrícula mercantil?

Se liquida sobre el valor señalado en el campo activo total, ubicado en la sección de la información financiera.

El valor a pagar será el resultado de aplicar las tarifas establecidas para este año, la cuales se pueden consultar físicamente en las sedes o en la página:

¿Cómo se debe expresar la información financiera en el formulario RUES?

La información financiera se debe relacionar en pesos colombianos y sin decimales.

¿Para la renovación del RUP, el empresario debe haber renovado su renovación e inscripción?


¿Cuándo vence el plazo para la renovación del registro nacional de turismo (RNT) y el registro único nacional de operadores de libranza (RUNEOL)?

Al igual que para la renovación del registro mercantil y de entidades sin ánimo de lucro, el plazo vence el 31 de marzo. 

¿Los miembros de nuestro Círculo de Afiliados deben renovar su matrícula y membresía cada año?

Sí, deben renovar su matrícula mercantil y si desean continuar en el Círculo de Afiliados deben renovar su membresía hasta el 31 de marzo. La renovación de su membresía se hace de acuerdo con las tarifas establecidas.    

Nota: De acuerdo con el Decreto 434 de 2020 se extendió el plazo para renovar la matrícula hasta el 3 de julio del año en curso. Lo anterior, con el propósito de disminuir el impacto económico en las empresas por el COVID-19, y de reducir las congestiones que podrían presentarse en las diferentes sedes de las Cámaras de Comercio, y en el transporte público debido al cumplimiento de esta obligación legal para empresarios y comerciantes que tenía como fecha límite el 31 de marzo.

¿Cómo solicitar certificación para apostilla de certificados?

La Superintendencia de Sociedades expide una constancia que confirma que dichos documentos están firmados por los secretarios autorizados conforme a lo reportado por cada ente cameral y disponer el documento adjunto para descarga. 

Instructivo apostille certificados


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