What are the characteristics of the legal guidance of the Corporate Model for Agroindustrial Management (MEGA)?

The MEGA legal guidance is free and customized, in accordance with the needs of the client. For associative models, it emphasizes determining the best legal form for incorporation into the network.

What does MEGA's legal guidance consist of?

MEGA's legal guidance covers topics such as forms and the legal implications of incorporating a company, brand registration, executing commercial contracts, and others.

How much does MEGA's legal guidance cost?

Legal guidance is free of charge.

What are the economic activities corresponding to the National Public Registry for natural and legal persons participating in the gaming industry?

The economic activities that correspond to the National Public Registry for natural and legal persons participating in the gaming and gambling industry are: gambling activities, casinos, lottery and betting agencies, games of skill, ability, knowledge, strength and recreational activities. Click on see more  for more information.

How do I cancel the merchant's certificate of a legal person?

The decision to dissolve the company must be approved at a board of partners, associates, or at a shareholders meeting. Ass applicable, a document will be drawn stating the amendment adopted and the grounds for dissolution. This document must comply with the formal requirements that the law determines and should carry the same formality as the company's document of incorporation (private document or public deed, depending on how the company was incorporated). The dissolution process generates a registration tax which corresponds to 4 legal daily minimum wages in effect plus registration fees corresponding to $30,000, which are paid only by cashier's check, cash or debit card, and the exact amount will be determined by the cashier directly (CCB offices).

How is the change of address of a legal or natural person registered?

Through a change of address form that is found at CCB offices . This document must be completed by the legal representative or natural person and must be submitted in person or have an authenticated and acknowledged signature. In this case it is essential to pay the respective fees.   

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