Deposit of financial statements

Now you can register your company's financial statements virtually with the CCB. 

At what times can I request the deposit?

Our web portal works 24/7 so you can make your requests and purchases at any time. 

What are the available means of payment?

Through our website ( ), you will be able to deposit and register your financial statements, paying with the following means

What are the differences between the online and the in-person service?

There are none. The virtual service to deposit Financial Statements is technically and legally compliant with the legal principles of equivalence of functions as established under Colombian regulations, especially by Law 527 of 1999. 

When must the deposit be made?

Within the month following their approval, all companies must fulfill their obligation as a merchant to deposit a copy of the general purpose financial statements, along with their notes and the corresponding professional opinion, if applicable, at their local Chamber of Commerce (article 41, Law 222 of 1995). 

What are the General Purpose Financial Statements?

In accordance with Decree 2649 of 1993, the General Purpose Financial Statements are those prepared after the closing of a specific period, to be known by undetermined users; their main purpose is to provide the option for the public to assess the capacity of an economic entity to generate a positive flow of funds (Article 21). They are comprised by the following Basic Financial Statements:

• General Balance Sheet.
• Profits and loss statement.
• Statement of Changes in Equity.
• Statement of Changes in Financial Position.
• Cash Flow Statement.

Said financial statements must included their corresponding notes and a certificate signed by the legal representative and the statutory auditor and/or certified public accountant, under whose responsibility they were prepared. The certification includes a statement according to which "the statements and representations contained therein have been verified, and they have been taken faithfully from the company's ledgers". In order to make the financial statements more public, Article 41 of Law 222 of 1995 requires that they be deposited within one month following their approval.

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