Center of Arbitration and Conciliation

What are the steps to access the arbitration service?

The steps to access the arbitration service are:

  1. File your request at any of our offices.                 
  2. Pay the costs.
  3. File the lawsuit between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm (continuous business day).
  4. Consult the arbitration clauses.

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What are the steps to access the conciliation service?

The steps to access the arbitration service are:

  • File your request at any of our offices.
  • Attach the form.
  • Pay the applicable fee for your case. Once the application is registered, the Center for Arbitration and Conciliation (CAC) has seven business days to summon a hearing.
  • The summoned parties and the mediator work to reach an agreementLos pasos para acceder al servicio de Conciliación son:

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What are the steps to access the amiable composition service?

The steps to access the amiable composition service are:

  1. File your request at any of our offices.
  2. Attach the form and relevant documentation.
  3. The amiable compositeur shall be appointed by draw and will have three business days to accept or reject the appointment.
  4. The amiable compositeur shall hold the necessary hearings with the aim for all the parties to present their closing arguments.

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How does the debt negotiation service work? (Insolvency)

  1. Make you application on the website here.
  2. Once the center informs you of the amount payable, you have five days to make the payment.
  3. The process will take 60 business days.

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How do you file a lawsuit?

How do you file a lawsuit?

Firstly, the initial costs need to be paid. This depends on the value of the action or the claims of the lawsuit. The value of the action is established as follows in arbitration:

Law 1563 of 2012. “Article 2. The value of arbitration proceedings is greater when they deal with equity claims of more than four hundred (400) minimum monthly salaries (SMLMV, for the Spanish original), and the rest have a lower value.

This payment needs to be made at any of our business offices. The amount to pay according to the value of the action, code and concept that must be reported at the cash register at the time of payment is listed below:

1 SMLMV 2017


400 SMLMV 








Initial expenses of arbitration of a low value (1 SMMLV + IVA)





Initial expenses of arbitration of a major value  (2 SMMLV + IVA)





Initial expenses of arbitration of undetermined value of the action (2 SMMLV + IVA)





Initial expenses of arbitration mipymes (1/2 SMMLV + IVA)





If you are not in Bogotá, you may deposit the applicable amount in bank account no. 265-03534-5 of Banco de Occidente and then send the receipt of payment to the e-mail: or to legalize the deposit with the center. 

Once the payment is made, the documentation needs to be officially submitted at the CAC building, which is located on Calle 76. In order to expedite the filing process, your arbitration lawsuit or request for amiable composition or expert opinion, please take into account the following when submitting your documents.

Every file must have a maximum of 400 pages, which shall be numbered from 1 to 400 clearly and legibly in black ink.

File 1

  1. Lawsuit.
  2. Power of attorney.
  3. Certificates of incorporation and registered agent.
  4. Receipt of payment

File 2

  • Evidence provided, which must be in the same order as stated in the lawsuit

Other files

The following must be submitted separately:

  • File of precautionary measures.
  • File for impleaders.


Our opening hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (continuous business day). Remember to file your lawsuit before 4:00 pm.

How can I obtain the list of arbitrators registered and their specialization?

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How is an amiable compositeur appointed?

One will be appointed in response to the stipulations of the agreement or by draw. Once the appointment is made, the amiable compositeur shall have three business days to accept or reject the appointment.

Does the CCB provide a legal aid service?

No. The CCB only provides detailed and relevant information of the services in its portfolio, focusing on the most appropriate mechanism according to the case.

What is the process for filing a lawsuit for child food support, accommodation rental, money loans and issues of cohabitation?

Application and payment

  • File your application at any of our offices and attach the form (see attached file). This will be delivered as a hard copy or you can download it from our website.
  • Pay the applicable fee for your case. You can establish the cost of conciliation in the fee framework by simply entering here
  • You can make the payment with the form at any commercial office of the CCB and send a copy of receipt of payment to the e-mail addresses: and

Conciliation scheduling and hearing: The CAC has eight business days once the application is filed to summon a hearing. The summoned parties and the mediator work to reach an agreement.

What kind of reconciliation does the CCB offer?

The CAC carries out legal conciliation in the following topics:

  • Civil
  • Commercial
  • Companies
  • Industrial Property
  • Securities Market
  • International Commerce
  • Insurance
  • Family

I need to file a labor lawsuit. Can the CCB help me?

No. The only competent entity in Colombia is the Ministry of Labor on Carrera 7 nro. 32-63.

Does the CCB manage issues considered a crime?


Where is the CCB’s CAC located?

You can find our offices by clicking here.

What does the portfolio of social and corporate dispute settlement offered by the CCB consist of?

Access the broad portfolio of products and services that the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá has created through its Center of Arbitration and Conciliation to facilitate business and commercial development in Bogotá and the region.

On matters of corporate dispute resolution, the CCB offers: arbitration, conciliation and mediation.

Also, on matters of social dispute resolution, the Entity offers: school conciliation, community, commercial, civil, and family conciliation. 

Who pays the costs of the conciliation request?

The party interested in submitting the request must cover the costs of the legal conciliation service.

Do I need to attend the conciliation hearing with a lawyer?

No. Only in the cases specifically established by law do you need to have the attendance of a lawyer, who must be duly authorized for conciliation. However, if the matter in question is of legal complexity, it is important that you have said advisor.

What happens if one of the parties does not attend the settlement?

The issue shall be closed due to absence, except in cases in which the parties and the mediator decide to reschedule the date of the hearing.

Can I withdraw the request for conciliation?

Yes, you may withdraw the request. However, it is important to keep in mind the grounds for reimbursement posted on our website.

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