CCB Members' Circle

How many certificates can a member request per turn?

A member can request a maximum of 6 certificates per turn.

Why belong to the CCB Members' Circle?

To belong to the group that leads the business development of the city and the region. To gain benefits and strengthen the relationship with our Organization. To become one of our special clients and receive a series of benefits and preferential services.  

What is the CCB Members' Circle?

It is a group of companies that, fulfilling minimum requirements and contributing an annual fee, acquire certain rights and have access to special benefits, whereupon they become preferred customers of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá. For more information, click on  see more .

What does the cost of the membership fee depend on?

It depends on the total assets that you reported in the last renewal of your merchant’s certificate.

Remember: The Members’ Circle will not charge you the surplus if you increase your assets and it will not return the balance in your favor if they decrease in a possible liquidation.

Where can I consult my membership status?

The committee will decide on your acceptance or rejection within two (2) months following submission of the application. Once this term has expired, you can call the telephone no. (+57 1) 5941000, extension 2660, to consult your membership status. Additionally, you may consult the Membership Committee notifications by logging into  in "Membership Committee Notifications".

How can I obtain my membership status?

  • Existing members:

Once you renew your membership in the first three months of the year, we will send the renewal to your registered business address within a term of no more than 15 days.

  • New members:

Once the Membership Committee approves your membership application, it will send your membership to your registered business address within a term of no more than 15 days. 

Remember: It shall only be sent to the main registered agent. If this is required for alternate registered agents, it needs to be requested, at no cost, via the e-mail: .

How can I obtain the two promotional cards?

The Members’ Circle offers its members two (2) promotional cards in addition to the registered agent’s one for access to fairs at Corferias. The registered agent may assign them to whom he/she deems appropriate.

Remember: You can request these cards at any of our service offices open to the public by sending a third party with a letter of authorization that includes the name of the two authorized persons. It has no cost and it shall be delivered immediately (we do not send them by mail).

I lost my membership card. What do I need to do?

The member must report the loss of the card in writing at any of our offices or by e-mail: . The Members’ Circle shall proceed to generate the card again and it will be sent to the business address within a term of no more than 15 days. There is no cost for the card.

What fairs can I enter with my membership card?

As a member, you can enter all Corferias 2018 fairs by showing the membership card (black color) that accredits you as part of the Members’ Circle.

Can I obtain a refund for my membership?

Existing Members:

Law 1727, Article 14, section 6 states that:

"Article 14. Cancellation of membership. Any of the following reasons shall be grounds for cancellation of membership.

1. Written request of the member.

2. Failure to pay the membership or renewal fee on time.

3. Loss of businessperson status.

4. Non-fulfillment of any of the requirements and duties established to maintain membership.

5. Entering a process of liquidation.

6. Change of main domicile to another jurisdiction.

7. Upon order of the relevant authority.

Cancellation of membership does not entail cancellation of registration nor refund of the membership fee (underlined outside of text).”

Therefore, it is not possible to refund the value paid for membership.

New members:

If the Membership Committee abstains from making you a member by showing evidence of non-fulfillment of any of the requirements established in Law 1727, the refund of 100% of the value paid for membership can be requested here  in accordance with the guidelines provided in the notification sent.

What information is included in the free database that the Members’ Circle offers me as a benefit?

The database contains all the commercial and financial information of the other companies that are members.

This database has no cost and the savings for our members amount to approximately COP 6 million. Download it here.

Which certificates am I entitled to as a member?

  • Certificates of the individual or company up to the amount of the membership fee
  • Certificates that may be required*:
    • Merchant’s certificate
    • Certificate of incorporation and registered agent
    • Certificate of books
    • Special certificates

What should I do to join the CCB Member's Circle?

1. Fill out the membership application form.
2. File the request in any of our offices, you can also send it via fax to 3830690 ext. 2660 or email: .
3. Pay your membership at our offices or through our website by simply clicking on  see more  to access the online services.

What rights do members obtain?

Included in the many benefits are: to elect and be elected to the Board of Directors of the CCB; to obtain free certificates for up to twice the value of the membership fee; to receive free publications: observatories, gazettes, and research. Click on  see more  for more information.

What can I use the commercial member’s certificate for?

It accredits you as an active member of the Members’ Circle. Furthermore, it opens doors in financial institutions and embassies and gives you a status for your suppliers. To use this benefit, it is essential to have the online password, entering via this  link .

Who cannot join the Members’ Circle?

Foreign companies: In application of the clear, special instructions provided by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce through External Circular 002 / November 23, 2016, in section 7.3 (Aspects of the Member System), paragraph 2, the CCB must comply with the following: (...) “Chambers of commerce may not have foreign branches, agencies, commercial establishments or companies as members.”

Non-profit entities: It is important to consider that, in accordance with Article 10 of the Code of Commerce, “business people are persons with the professional occupation of any of the activities that the law deems commercial” and that, in turn, Article 11 of the same code establishes that persons who occasionally develop commercial operations are not business people. Furthermore, it is possible that non-profit entities carry out commercial activities without it being legally possible for them to be professionally dedicated to this kind of activity.

It is important to keep in mind that by legal provision, to belong to the CCB Members’ Circle, it is a necessary requirement that the applicant has professionally carried out commercial activities in accordance with Article 12, section 3, of Law 1727. As previously indicated, this condition is incompatible with the nature of non-profit entities and, therefore, it is not possible to accept their application to join the CCB Members’ Circle.

Individuals who exercise liberal professions may only become members when they carry out commercial activities.

Furthermore, commercial establishments, agencies, branches with their head office in Bogotá, civil companies and companies in liquidation may not be members.


How do you withdraw membership?

Removal from membership, as is becoming a member, is voluntary. The member must send a letter to the following e-mail: .

Note: Withdrawing from membership by not renewing the mercantile registration and/or membership.

In accordance with the provisions of article 6 of Decree 898 of 2002: "Membership status is lost due to non-compliance with the payment of the membership fee or not renewing the mercantile registration...".
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