Legal and proceedings

Legal and tax procedures to create a business 

Take these steps into account to formalize your business idea with the corresponding entities:

Register as an individual or a company?

The tax implications and legal responsibilities depend on the nature of the business.


Individual under the simplified regime: your accounting can be done in the tax register; under the general system (billing VAT): accounting must be done by an accountant.


Classified as corporations and charity foundations.

What to name the company?

Check the availability of the name (homonymy).

Classify your economic activity

With a keyword, check your Classification of Economic Activities. This procedure is free of charge on the CCB website.

Brand check

Check that the brand you have chosen has not been previously registered.

And then what?

Download, complete and organize the documentation required:

Bylaws, models and guides available on the website; copies of the identity cards of the registered agents.

Go to the CCB.

  • If you have any doubts, CCB advisors can guide you free of charge.
  • Apply for the preliminary Tax ID.
  • Request the preliminary business registration.


Choose the bank.

Open an account in the name of your company.

File your documents at one of the CCB windows.

Preliminary approval.

Three days after filing your documents, check your approval on line. If accepted, ask for an appointment at the Directorate of Taxes and Customs of Colombia (DIAN, for the Spanish original), because your company has been “pre-approved”.

Go to your appointment with the DIAN.

  • Apply for your Tax ID and digital signature.
  • Download it online and synchronize it with the company data.

Interesting fact:

The digital signature is only for individuals.

  • Resolution and enabling billing (do it online).
  • Choose:
    • Billing on paper
    • Electronic billing
    • Electronic receipt.

Now start selling! 

The CCB offers customized and group workshops for clarifying any doubts. Check our business creation services at:  

At the CCB we help you in the process to determine and register the corporate legal form best suited for your enterprise project. We invite you to make a free, personalized and confidential assessment of your business idea. This will allow you to define a services pathway that goes in accordance with your needs.

Start your assessment now, and help us help you turn your entrepreneurial dreams into a reality!


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