Human talent management


Practical guide

Human resource management


Definition and creation of profiles.

Description of roles and responsibilities of each position and skills that the employee must have in order to do the job properly.


Identify the current situation, future requirements and the need to perform the different roles of the organization.

Staff requirement


Staff requisition and recruitment

Attracting enough potentially qualified candidates capable of carrying out the selection process


Formalizing pursuant to the law, the future relationship of employment to ensure the interests, rights and duties of the employee, as well as the company 

Definition of the form of contracting


Orientation, location and supervision of recently admitted employees

Initial adaptation of new employees to the company and the social and physical environment where they will be working



Planning, structuring and developing human talent for your enterprise project is key to accomplish your enterprise future, since having a Human Resources area generates added value, as it allows collaborators to develop competencies that will increase productivity. Furthermore, it helps decentralize duties and delegate specific responsibilities by area. This way the company's management will be afforded a significant level of support in terms of staff management.

At the CCB we help you structure and develop your human talent management activities. Therefore, we invite you to assess free of charge, in a personalized fashion, with absolute confidentiality over your information. This will allow you to define a services pathway that goes in accordance with your needs.


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