Design a successful business model

  • We help you check the feasibility of your business model

The business model defines the structure of how a company creates, captures and delivers value. It is a key tool to define the activities and strategies that will allow your company to create its own future while properly competing in the market. Some aspects to bear in mind when structuring your business model, are:

• The customer target audience.
• The relationship with your target audience.
• The value proposition.
• The communications, distribution and sales channels.
• The cost structure and sources of revenue.

At the CCB we help you define or de-design your business model through a service portfolio tailor-made to suit your needs. Therefore, we invite you to assess free of charge, in a personalized fashion, with absolute confidentiality over your information. This will allow you to define a services pathway that goes in accordance with your needs.

We also have the Online Enterprise Plan  (PEL, in spanish), a tool that will assist you in checking your model's feasibility.  Remember that in order to access the Online Enterprise Plan you must register for the Enterprise Services Model; if you have not done this, we invite you to do it by assessing your entrepreneurial project. 

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