Copyright payment or non-payment certificate

The copyright payment certificate is the authorization that solely and exclusively belongs to establishments that store, run, play live or by any electronic means (radio, TV, flash drive or mobile phone, among others) on a permanent or occasional basis: 

  • Musical works
  • Artistic musical performances
  • Phonograms
  • Music videos
  • Audiovisual productions
  • Literary productions or different forms of works
  • Printed works through photocopies

The Sayco Acinpro Organization (OSA, for the Spanish original) represents 99% of what is heard in Colombia and has the duty of collecting and distributing the Public Communication of Copyright and Related Rights at the national level for entities such as SAYCO (Society of Colombian Authors and Composers), ACINPRO (Colombian Association of Singers and Phonograph Producers), APDIF (Association for the Protection of Intellectual Rights of Musical Phonograms) and MPLC (Motion Picture Licensing Corporation).

If you would like to know or verify whether your business establishment is a user or not, bear in mind the following information:

i. You can go to the OSA, which will conduct the corresponding study and establish the annual rate for the payment of Copyright and Related Rights.
ii. This entity also carries out regular visits throughout the city to confirm compliance with this requirement.
iii. The officer will visit the establishment in order to collect general data from the owner and the characteristics of the business, such as: economic activity, capacity in terms of number of people, media and socioeconomic level, among others, in accordance with the regulations to assign the rate for copyright.

If, as a result of the visit, it is verified that the commercial benefit is not obtained in the business establishment, the officer will issue the document certifying it as a non-user and it does not have to make any payment or take any additional steps.

iv. Once the visit form has been received, you can go to the OSA offices and submit it along with the following documents:

  • Chamber of Commerce certification
  • Tax ID
  • Notarized lease agreement of the venue and/or business (if applicable)
  • Notarized sales contract (if applicable)

v. This is required in order to obtain the liquidation for payment in banks, or proof of payment if paid directly at the OSA offices.

vi. If you decide to use a means other than payment at the OSA offices, you can pay through: PSE online payment on the website, at the bank.

When an establishment does not wish to continue using the public communication of works, it can go to the OSA, which will verify its account status in the database and issue the Non-user Certificate, which is free of charge.

Bear in mind:

i. It is important to mention that the merchant must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá.
ii. The merchant may contact Requests Claims and Components through the website using the link:  
iii. The documents issued on account of copyright are in force until December 31 of the corresponding year.
iv. In order to renew this requirement, between the months of January and February, the OSA sends out the liquidation to merchants registered in the entity’s database for accreditation.


There is a charge for this process and you can simulate the approximate rate to be paid at the following link:  

The rate for merchants with openings in the corresponding year will be liquidated in proportion to the date on which it began business activities according to the registration with the Chamber of Commerce.

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