Marketing and sales

  • Define the best marketing plan for your enterprise project

Marketing is the set of institutions and processes required to create, communicate, deliver and exchange value offerings for customers.  Furthermore, it helps position a brand or a product. To this end, it is important to design and execute a marketing strategy that is based on your customers' or consumers' needs. 

At the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce we assist you in structuring your entrepreneurial project's marketing and sales plan, in order for you to access your customers in the most optimized fashion.

To begin working on this goal, we invite you to make a free, personalized and confidential assessment of your business idea. This will allow you to define a services pathway that goes in accordance with your needs.

Start your assessment now, and help us help you turn your entrepreneurial dreams into a reality!



Marketing and Sales Services for company creation  

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1. Learn more about the market's trends 

  • Workshop: Implementation of trends for the garments industry
  • Tool: Trendspotting Bogotá 2015

2. Conduct market surveys:

  • Workshop: How to conduct a market study
  • Group assistance: Marketing and sales 

3. Design and testing of products and services:

  • Workshop: Build and validate the prototype to your product or service
  • Workshop: Product innovation
  • Workshop: Services innovation 

4. Design the marketing strategy for products and services:

  • Workshop: Design your marketing plan
  • Group assistance: Marketing and sales
  • Workshop: The brand in the garments industry

5. Selling products and services:

  • Workshop: Design your sales plan
  • Group assistance: Marketing and sales 

6. Develop commercial skills:

  • Workshop: Learn to sell 
  • Booklet: Corporate customer service
  • Booklet: Corporate etiquette
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