Creating a company
Idea and business plan

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Enterprise roadmap: Have you already taken de self-diagnosis or assessment?

Benefits of assessing your project

  • Identify your strengths and opportunities
  • Get monitoring or assistance
  • Support by specialized consultants
Constitutes your company

Everything you need to turn your company into a reality

Benefits from the constitution of a company

  • Get your own, protected name
  • Easier access to loans and credits
  • Greater opportunities to grow and open up to new markets
Sectorial approach

Find out how your company can benefit from our sectorial approach.

How to fill out the enterprise assessment

About your services route and how to register

Frequently Asked Questions
What services does the CCB offer to help me create a company?

The CCB has information services (tools, studies and research and, in general, commercial or business information), training (capsules, workshops, forums, conferences and seminars) and guidance (general, specialized and specialized consultation). 

What should I do to start my process of creating a company?

Visit "Creating a company" and click on "Assess your Project" (Enterprise Self-Diagnosis). If you are a new user, register typing in the required personal information; once the registration has been completed, you will be able to access the assessment or Enterprise Diagnosis; follow the instructions on the portal and remember that you must fill out the creation assessment (creation diagnosis).

For additional information review the step-by-step guides on how to best use the services the CCB has made available to help you in your creation process, clicking here.

You can also call our customer service line 3830330 / #383, with your questions or doubts.

Also, we invite you to review the steps required to create your company at under the "Create your Company" option, "Steps to create your company".  There you will find all the steps that must be followed when creating your company, taking you from the business idea to the formalization of your company.

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