Principles, rights and duties of Affiliates


The actions of the CCB and its affiliated merchants are guided by the following principles:

1. Legality: implies the strict observance of the legal and regulatory provisions pertaining to Affiliates of the chambers of commerce in all actions in which they are involved.

2. Good faith: this involves acting honestly and honorably with the conviction that one’s work does not cause harm to third parties.

3. Loyalty: informing the CCB of events or circumstances of which one is aware and which are of interest to the CCB.

4. Responsibility: actively and voluntarily pursuing the social, economic and environmental improvement of the city and the region.

5. Commitment: adopting leadership positions with regard to business issues of the City-Region, and actively participating in the CCB’s programs and in the election of its Board of Directors.


Rights of Affiliates

To elect and be elected to the CCB’s Board of Directors under the conditions and requirements determined by the law and regulations.

To use the CCB as a reference. Download here  (spanish version).

To have free access to publications determined by the Chamber of Commerce. CCB Affiliates may obtain all of its publications for free; affiliates may view studies and research of interest at any location in our  Library Network .

To obtain for free the certifications related to the Merchant's Certificate without exceeding the value of the affiliation fee. CCB Affiliates may request the certificates pertaining to the legal or natural person that is affiliated, up to the value of the fee paid for affiliation.

Certificates that may be required*:

  • Merchant Registration Certificate.
  • Certificate of Standing and Legal Representation.
  • Ledger Certificate.
  • Special Certificates.

Please keep the following in mind:

  1. An active member is only any person whose commercial registry and membership are valid.
  2. The estimated amount for the ertificate wuota each member will have will be done based on the fee paid by the businessperson for the corresponding year.
  3. Keeping in mind that membership is valid until the 31st of March each year, it will be the same validity period the member has to use their quota for free certificates.
  4. According to the above mentioned, regardless of the date of renewal of the commercial registry and membership (active member), validity to use free certificates will be extended until the 31st of March of the following year. In case they exhaust their quota in advance, they will have to pay the amount that corresponds to all additional certificates requested.
  5. When the business person renews their commercial registry and membership during the first quarter of the current year, their quota will be the that corresponds to the fee paid during said year and any balance they may have unused from the previous year, will be deleted. That is, all balances to use free certificates will never be accumulated.
  6. When the member fails to renew their commercial registry and membership during the first quarter of each year, whatever quota they may have regarding free certificates will be $0 from April 1st of the current year. Only upon renewing your registration and membership, wihtin the same calendar year, the free certificate quota will be activated. This benefit will be valid until March 31st of the following year. The new quota cannot be accumulated with the unused balance from the previous year.

* Does not include Single Proponents Registrar (RUP) certificates.

Duties of Affiliates

To comply with the CCB’s Affiliate Regulations.

To pay the affiliation or renewal fee on time.

To act in accordance with morality and proper conduct.

To denounce anything that affects the CCB or infringes upon its electoral processes.

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