Renewal of affiliation

Before renewing your membership, you must renew and pay your business registration.


It only applies for the first quarter of the year

Some of our benefits:

Dream Jobs. First digital platform for work search through geo - location.

Our members can have access to the Premium Plan for 1 year

WOBI. Corporate channel with the latest and most specialized contents about the corporate world.

Logyca. It offers our members connectivity solutions by making their products visible through identification and communication standards. It assigns a global localization # and the first 5 bar codes to our members free of charge plus the ability to use the electronic invoice HUB.

Get to know what other benefits you can get from being part od the Members' Circle

In order to be part of this very exclusive group business people must: have timely renewed their commercial registry for two years in a row at any of the offices of any of the chambers of commerce. Besides complying, on a permanent basis, with its obligations derived from capacity as a business person.

Rights of the members:

  • Select and be selected as a member of the Board of Directors of the CCB.
  • Use the CCB as a reference.
  • Have free access to the CCB's publications, by entering our library network here.
  • Get all certifications derived from your commercial registry free of charge, without exceeding the amount of your membership payment

Terms and conditions for the renewal of membership (spanish version)

If you renew your membership at our corporate branches, it will be necessary for you to download and fill out the following document:

A statement of compliance of your obligations as a business person to renew your membership (spanish version)

*It applies only when renewal of the membership is done with a form at the Branch Offices. Does not apply for purchase orders.

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