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We have designed a differential benefits portfolio that will support you in growing your company.

This database is free of charge, and saves our affiliates approximately 6 million.

The database includes all commercial and financial information of companies that are in the same condition as the affiliate. 

This database is free of charge, and saves our affiliates approximately 6 million.


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Responsible for the treatment of personal information, the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota collects, stores, uses, distributes and destroys personal information of individuals or companies that are members of this entity for the following purposes:

1. To make business contacts between CCB members.
2. To establish business opportunities.
3. To support the commercial and business development of CCB members.
4. To increase the business competitiveness of CCB members.

Consequently, those who access the personal information recorded in this database should use it only for the aforementioned purposes.

As a member of the CCB, you may consult the personal, commercial and financial information of other members in this database, with access through the online password service.

Once you have downloaded the database for consultation, you are obliged to preserve and maintain strictly confidential the personal, commercial and financial information you have obtained on other members from use of this database and to not disclose it to third parties. Therefore, you are the sole party responsible for the information made available to you.

Any sale or disclosure of the information contained in the database to third parties for any purpose is prohibited.

Similarly, you are obliged to refrain from disclosing, broadcasting or making available to third parties elements or content that constitute false, damaging, hostile, abusive, offensive, problematic, threatening, devious, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, unfounded or detrimental information that invades the privacy of any member.

Any complaint or information that the CCB receives from third parties about breach, abuse or misuse may be investigated by this entity, which if necessary, shall take the measures and start judicial and extra-judicial proceedings against you for the cessation of the conducts or to obtain the relevant remedies and compensation under the applicable law.

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