Online Certificate for Affiliates

Get the certificates of your mercantile register free of charge, without exceeding the amount of your membership fee.

Download your certificates here .

Do it online, from the comfort of your home or office, through our web portal.

If you wish to do this directly at any of our offices , remember you will be required to present your Affiliate credential. 

The certificates you as an Affiliate are entitled to download include:

  • Certificates of legal existence and representation (legal persons).
  • Registration certificates for individuals and legal persons.
  • Ledger registration certificates.
  • Special certificates

Keep in mind that:
1. Active members are those that have a valid business registration and membership for the current year.
2. The value for the certification quota by member will be calculated based on the rate paid for membership for the current year.
3. Quota balances for free certifications are not cumulative from one year to another. Therefore, on the membership renewal date, a new quota will begin for the request of free certifications, which will be in force up to March 31 of the following year or until the next renewal, whichever comes first.
4. If the quota runs out before that, the value corresponding to the additional certifications requested must be paid.
5. When members do not renew their business registration and/or membership in the first quarter of each year, the quota for free certifications will be COP 0 as of April 1 of the current year.
6. Members with credit balances that do not cover the full cost of a certification may pay the difference to acquire a single certification of their own business name. This procedure applies only at customer service offices.

*Does not apply for Trade Establishment Certificates and Single Proponents Registrar

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